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Jul 11, 2008
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Has anyone noticed any changes in processing time for payment from JACKPOT CAPITAL group using the "cardforce" payment system?

The authoriization for payment is the usual 2 business days which is same.

However , in the past after withdrawal is authorized to be paid , I usually receive payment to my credit card the next day or sometimes the same evening..

last time JC was 4 business days after authorization and with slotastic approval was nov3rd and still waiting (request was made Oct 30th,a friday)
I dont mind waiting if that was the rules but I have not heard anything about this
I sent a letter inquiring about the delay and received this astonishing reply

"Please be advised that Cardpay withdrawals are usually received within 5-15 business days. The estimated time of arrival is by the 17th November 2015. Please remember the time refrain also varies on your banks processing time."

I don't know if this 5-15 business days is from date of withdrawal or from date of approval of payment!
In any event , if anyone has any info please let me know.


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Aug 23, 2012
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Haven't played at JCG lately. I do recall receiving my winnings in about three business days after final approval using Card-pay. They might have changed their time frame. I know it could be frustrating but rest assure that Jackpot Capital Group will pay your winnings.

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