Jackpot Capital- Anyone Else getting........


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The "Jackpot Capital Welcome Back Bonus Offer"??? Again?

Them wanting to know where you have been and why you haven't patronized

their casino?

They offer a 150% deposit bonus up to $300 with a mere wagering of 75x.

""""""""""Unfortunately, you currently do not have a VIP status as your VIP level is set based on the total deposit amounts for the previous 3 calendar months. As your feedback is most important to us in order to perfect our service to our valued customers, we kindly ask that you please provide us with your feedback on the reasons why you have not been playing with us; we’d like to help you gain your VIP status.""""""""""

The only way they could "help" me gain my "VIP status" would be for them to make those kinds of deposits FOR me. ($1500.00 in 3 calendar months)

So, I sent this reply. I don't think it could be any clearer.


I believe we have covered this before. I appreciate your invite for vip status, but,

from what I have read about your "new" vip schedule, there is no way I would ever

qualify for even the lowest one.

A minimum deposit of $1500.00 in a 3 month period is not even in the realm of

possibility for me.

I have also been told, a while back, that you have to have a certain vip status in order

to use "cardforce", (I think it is called) for a pay-out.

It supposedly takes 48 BUSINESS hours at your casino for an approval on a


Ridiculous in my opinion. Other RTGs can do it in 24 and processed the next day.

Plus they don't "require" a certain vip status to do so.

Then there is your "check withdrawal" option. Many, many banks won't even take

those checks.

If you can take my money instantly, why can't I see a withdrawal within a decent

amount of time without the headache of it being a check.

I still have your casino on my computer. I just haven't decided what I am going to do

with it.


I believe I have explained this to them before.

I have to wonder if they even read what we write.

Jackpot Capital

Accredited Casino Representative

HI weesie,

Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.

I've sent you a PM with all the details and responses to your concerns.

Looking forward to serving you!

Kind regards,