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Since the original thread about lauriejim and Gambling Wages casino Palace of Chance has been locked... I feel the need to start a new thread based on the response J.Todd has posted on his APCW forum in the Gambling Wages thread.

J.Todd seems to be rather annoyed with a few of the posts made here on Casinomeister... and has specifically picked out three members who posted in that thread... (including the forum moderator) to vent his annoyance at... he posted this as a response on his APCW forum:

Reply by JTodd 2 hours ago
Hello members, friends, and those not-so-friendly folk who like to lurk...

Just a quick update on the status of the two disputes involving Gambling Wages which have been brought to us by the Casinomeister members. I have been in direct talks with Robert over at GW's today, and we believe that both issues should have a resolution within a week to ten days... one way or another.

I would like to thank those of you from CM who had the professionalism, tact, and maturity to post here without resorting to junior high type name calling and personal attacks. And I hope you realize that the APCW will try to reach the best possible disposition we can for players that we can.

Now, for those here not following the Casinomeister threads, these next statements won't make much sense. But I know many of the other, less friendly Casinomeister members lurk here and I would like to add a few comments for their entertainment:

Max: I understand the frustrations and anger of players lashing out, but I should not have been personally attacked or had my ethics questioned. I have always tried to do right for this industry, and that started in my early days when I was known as "Integrity" and has extended through the APCW... from our early audits right up through our fight for the industry on the very front lines, and it continues to this very day... you know it. It would have been nice to see you act like a moderator and say something... anything... to help make that thread productive.

Cindy: Nice of you to chime in and stir the pot of crap just for the sake of the stink. If you took the time to think before you made statements like "I think (posting complaints only at APCW) is J Todds way to up his registration numbers" you may realize how utterly stupid it is. If my goal was to boost registration, I would push that on our videos where we receive 15,000 to 20,000 views or more every week... not in a thread at CM where I am reviled and it's seen by 6,000. And by the way I never even posted that statement at CM, MrRacetrack did... which brings me to him...

MrRacetrack: Obviously, the daytime soap operas aren't enough to keep you occupied full time and you need the added stimulation of internet confrontations. You've been in the industry as long as (or longer than) I have, and yet I have never witnessed you do anything positive. Your sole ambition seems to be to throw your opinion and a bucket of gasoline into every volatile situation in hopes of coming out the hero... it's pathetic. Just once it would be refreshing to watch you build up and not tear down but I do not believe that's in your character. In any event, you're a small person. That's why the APCW accomplishes things and has become a leader in this industry... and why you're still posting on message boards in a vain attempts for attention.

We moved the discussion here so that disruptive, non-productive people like yourself would not be a part of the dialog, and so that I could lock out anyone who was a part of the problem and not the solution. Don't bring your vile attitude or Prozac-seeking rants to my boards... stay where people tolerate you.

Gee... looks like I won't be getting anything from J.Todd for Christmas this year... :eek:

Yes... I posted "YOUR RESPONSE" about WHY you took your ball and went home... was it not factual?

Did I change anything in your response... or edit it in any manner?

No... I did not.

And you feel I was being "confrontational" with you with my posts in the lauriejim thread? :rolleyes:

A tad sarcastic perhaps... but other than that... I think not.

As for your comment about me not doing anything "positive" in the industry... I disagree J.Todd... I've posted numerous things about the Gambling Wages and Virtual casinos... about how they cheat and steal from legitimate winning players... which i view as "positive"... since they are intended to help unaware people from doing business with these very same casinos the YOU have decided to promote and make "Gold Members" on your APCW website.

And J.Todd... your claim that the reason you "moved the discussion" to "your forum"... was
"so that disruptive, non-productive people like yourself would not be a part of the dialog, and so that I could lock out anyone who was a part of the problem and not the solution..." is ridiculous. You "refused to respond anymore" on that thread LONG BEFORE I posted anything on this issue... and left in a huff because there were some "negative" comments made about you... :rolleyes:

And the fact that you readily admit you would censor and lock out anyone that you deemed as "disruptive" on "your forum" proves that you only want a one sided discussion... that would be supportive of YOUR VIEWS on this issue.

I was wondering why more people hadn't posted in that thread... now I know the answer to that... how many posts did you delete in that thread? :rolleyes:

J.Todd... your posting of the three specific people you decided to "spew your venom" on is quite "interesting"... since TWO of the three had not even posted on your site.

Perhaps some lingering frustrations from long ago on your part? :rolleyes:


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Mar 6, 2007
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I find it quite interesting that people in the position J.Todd aspires to, think they can get validation and respect when they act worse than the most spoiled child at day care! IMO, he has proven himself to be quite the egoist, and must have huge bruises on his back from reaching around to pat himself.

Just what this industry needs, another clown!

Not very professional, Mr. Todd. And, not very forward thinking for the industry with your latest partnership with Gambling Wages. Way to blow your hard earned credibility.

Just my two cents.


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Hi guys,

Wrong place for this :D

1.8 - No portal wars. Do not start a bitch session between one portal and another. Portal wars will not be tolerated.

I've known (more or less) Mr. Racetrack for years, and I've known J.Todd just as long as well. Both outspoken individuals with a lot of heart. If there are ruffled feathers, let them be vented out in PMs or emails or whatever. No portal wars from Casinomeister - thank you :D
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