iX Casino?

Macgyver said:
Anyone heard of this joint?

Their "About us" info lists the owner as iX Entertainment Group in Panama City, Panama.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Their site is
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Probably someone tell you more... but they have Casino On Net pictures in main site (below "How to Play for Fun")

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Below is a copy and paste from a post I wrote at the forum where I "work" ...

What do they say about things that sound too good to be true?

I've spent most of the night investigating. In a Live Chat, the Customer Service rep recommended that I use something called "XL-Pay," which seems to be very similar to PayPal.

Well, one of the things that XL-Pay advertises is that you can "Start Your Own Casino!" They also advertise that iX Casino is one of the places that use their software. I looked into it and it redirects a person to the site Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) .

At this site, it talks about the ease of setting up your own casino. However, I find this little tidbit in their FAQ section ...

Q. How are the profit and maximum winning coefficient calculated?
A. The maximum payout coefficient is based on the current profit state. It's using only the wagered amounts in all calculations. For example users have lost $4000, and have won $1200, current profit is $2800 the payout coefficient is 80% or $2240 the maximum a user can win is $2240.

I've bolded the most important part, I feel. "The maximum a user can win is $2240"? That sure sounds like software that a casino can tweak to make sure you don't win like you might with fair and random software.

So glad I spent the time tonight digging into this ... see ya, iX Casino! :thumbsup:
[Sam - Fake name]

You are now chatting with Paul

Paul: Hello Sam
Paul: how may i help you
Sam: Hi, can i ask what software you use?
Paul: you dont need to download any software
Paul: you run it right in your browser
Sam: I mean of course, who make your software?
Paul: our corporation
Paul: iX Entertainment Corp.
Paul: well i dont actually know
Sam: Ok, why you use Casino On Net pictures in your main site? below "how to play for fun"?
Paul: i am just a support assistant
Paul: ?
Paul: they are not casino on net pictures
Sam: www.888.com have exactly same pictures
Paul: and...
Sam: Just curious :)
Paul: can i help you with anything else
Sam: No thanks... thanks for your help. Have great day Paul! :)
Paul: ok

Wow awesome support!!!! :rolleyes:
Yeah, I saw that as well, Sodax. The 21 symbol is a dead giveaway.

I started looking at them because they were offering a bonus of 100% up to $200 with only a 1X wagering requirement.

The customer service rep confirmed the wagering requirement, but only because he's "just a support assistant." ;)
Sodax77 said:
[Sam - Fake name]

You are now chatting with Paul

Paul: Hello Sam
Paul: how may i help you
Paul: well i dont actually know
Paul: i am just a support assistant
Paul: ?
Paul: and...
Paul: can i help you with anything else

Paul disconnects thinking "WHY DO I ALWAYS GET THE HARD QUESTIONS?"
McGyver, the Sept. 17th article from InfoPowa reads::

posted Sept, 17, 2004 in infopowa

Profits to order: Looking over iX Casino.com we were intrigued to see no-download software by XL Corp. We made a few enquiries which unearthed a positive labyrinthe of registrations and sites embracing the UK, France and Italy using Yahoo mails. On one of these sites was the intriguing if startling claim Quote: * OUR PROPRIETARY RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR IS CALCULATING YOUR PROFIT BEFORE THE WINNING/LOOSING NUMBER IS SENT BACK TO THE GAME. YOU CAN SET A MINIMUM PROFIT THAT IS ALWAYS KEPT FOR YOU! THIS ALSO ENSURES THAT YOU WILL NOT WAKE UP WITH $20000 DEBTS!Unquote. The suggestion that win/lose rates could be set on this casino product seems to be confirmed at Outdated URL (Invalid) together with site copy such as Quote: The software is very good, with great control over the profit/winnings. It has the ability to change the winning % per game/table in real-time. Also you can withdraw the profit and limit player's winnings. Games are completely random, if the winning is within the limit. If the bet is causing winning over the set limit, the generator is generating another number until the winning is within the limit (or player loses).Unquote. Joker-Club.com seems to use this software, too and there may be others.
I am subscribed to the news letter, and I would read them, when I got one, but I've not received one for a quite while :confused:

I had the InfoPowa article on my desktop, so I used that.
Hi Jinnia!

Check your spam filters, or if your ISP is blocking mail from me :D

It's also posted online here upon publication, so there is aloways an online version in case you miss an issue...and then they are archived (and searchable)!
No, I'm not blocking mail from you. I run my own mail server here :)

I always get a notification of new posts to threads I've replied in :confused:

So, I just went in and signed up again for the news letter, just finished doing the confirmation email I received.

I'm getting lazy in my old age, news letters are easier than searching through a page at a forum .. :p ha ha
Actually, I must have missed/forgotten about the iX Casino posting since I do check the newsletters when I come here to the forum ... my bad. :cool:

Intrestingly enough, the XL-Pay site no longer has the "Start your Own Casino" link. When I go to that site, as well, they no longer have that damning information in their FAQ page. Nor does the site advertise for Joker Club and iX Casino as users of their software.

Sure glad I caught it when I did! Thanks, Bryan. :notworthy

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