Ivegas.com free $25,have problem,be careful!!


Offering to pay people to vote for Ivegas is NOT
very professional. I realize a lot of casinos do this, so it makes the results worthless.

If someone offered $25 to vote for "ScamCasino.com", they would obviously be the "Top Site" for that month.

Kinda like "WindowsCasino" being voted "Best new casino" a few years ago.

The "voting" was done on an RTG owned site... :eek:
Most of the reputable casinos do this too though, Intercasino, the Sands, etc. They all offer something to vote for them at gambling.com (a chance at $5k at intercasino). Its not just Ivanna's casino pulling this trick. Personally, I don't pay attention to those polls anyway, so if you want to pay me to vote for you, then show me the money!
But she did say: [color=0000ff]if you think we deserve it...[/color]

The problem is, once one casino pays for votes, the rest unfortunately need to chime in. Just like bonuses. I am all for eliminating bonuses. They are the plague of the industry. They have caused more problems and fraud than you could possibly fathom...but if one casino jumps on the bonus bandwagon, the rest reluctantly must do the same.

It's a hyper-competitve market.

To let you know, it was a real dilemma deciding whether to offer the bonus for the vote. I'd like to think we deserve it and we earned the vote through our good service and your good graces.

But, it is a competitive marketplace like Jinnia and Admin pointed out so I attached the $10 as more of an incentive to leave our site and put the effort in to vote...atleast that's my corny way of justifying it.

This may not fly for long, but thought it was worth a try.

Thanks for the feedback. Talk to you soon.

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Catch the Action!

In my opinion, it was done in a professional manner by you putting 'if you think we deserve it'.

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