Ivegas.com free $25,have problem,be careful!!


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Jul 21, 2003
Ivegas.com free $25,have problem,be careful!!

free $25 when you open an new account and add a credit card.

1. No purchase is necessary to qualify for this bonus. You are required to register a Play2Win account with valid user information including, email address and a credit card. Once again no purchase is necessary to take advantage of this offer.
2. In the interest of fair gaming, you must wager at least 5 (five) times the bonus before withdrawing any amount. If a withdrawal is made before wagering 5 (five) times the bonus, the bonus money and winnings will be removed from your account.
For example: A $25 bonus must be wagered at least $125 ($25 x 5) before making a redemption.
3. Bets placed on Roulette and Craps do not count toward the wagering requirement.
4. NETeller cashouts for No Purchase bonuses may experience up to a 48 hour delay.

but,Their prestige has a little questions. Before determining, please don't deposit . Don't play their game either.
I have sign up and get free $25,after i played their casino.I have cash out $50 by neteller on 3 July.

the manager said NETeller cashouts for No Purchase bonuses may experience up to a 48 hour delay.However, up to now, they have not paid !

I have chat with the live chat.he/she told me than will be paid in one hour.But he/she has lain!

please check the chat history:

10 July

* Please enter your question below and press the send button. We will be with you shortly.
customer: ??
* Your chat session has been established.
aldean: Hello
aldean: how may I assist ytou
customer: HI
customer: ivegas?
customer: I have withdrawal $50 on 3 July
customer: no payment from you
aldean: may I have your username please
aldean: hello?
customer: I have chat with someone here,he/her told me it taks 4 days.but now is 15 July
customer: my user name is xxxxxx
aldean: username please
customer: thanks
aldean: the check is still on hold
customer: no
customer: withdrawal by neteller
aldean: were you requested to provided any additional information
customer: ???
customer: this is email history
customer: Hello xx

your request has been forwarded to the accounts office. Once it has been processed you will receive an email from the accounts office

customer: on 9 July
customer: are you there?
aldean: I will inquire about the status of your cashout from the accounts office to see why the check is on hold
customer: ok,please
aldean: sorry about the delay
customer: no problem
aldean: are you there?
customer: yes
aldean: do you have a netteller account number
customer: yes
customer: i have already send to you
customer: icashier@ivegas.com
customer: on 8 July
aldean: okay, I will email you once I have confirmation from the accounts office
customer: ok
aldean: thnks
aldean: bye

15 July
rick: Please hold one moment
customer: thank you
rick: I have completed contacting our Accounts Office, rest assured your cashout will be completed processing to your account shortly
rick: Will there be anything else I can do for you?
customer: ??
customer: thank you
rick: Not a problem
customer: how long does it will take?
rick: It should be done within the next hour
customer: thank you
rick: You are welcome
customer: see you later
rick: Thank you for your patience
rick: Have a great day

20 July
wilson: Welcome to iVegas.
wilson: How may I assist you?
customer: rick there?
wilson: Rick's shift has ended.
customer: ok
customer: rick: Please hold one moment
customer: thank you
rick: I have completed contacting our Accounts Office, rest assured your cashout will be completed processing to your account shortly
rick: Will there be anything else I can do for you?
customer: ??
customer: thank you
rick: Not a problem
customer: how long does it will take?
rick: It should be done within the next hour
customer: thank you
rick: You are welcome
customer: see you later
rick: Thank you for your patience
wilson: Is there anything I may assist you with?
wilson: /
wilson: May I have your email address please?
customer: xxx@xxx.com
wilson: Thank you, one moment please.
wilson: The account office will contact you once your cashout will be completed.
wilson: Due to the high number of cashout requests, we will process your request in due time.
customer: but
customer: every live chat told about this
customer: but,no any payment from you.
customer: I think Ivegas is prestige
wilson: I am sorry, but the number of cashout requests has caused a large delay in our regular process.
customer: how long i will wait?can you tell me?
customer: rick told me wait an hour
customer: but He has lain
wilson: I am sorry, but we cannot provide you with an exact time and I am sorry the information Rick provide is incorrect.
wilson: Are you still there?
customer: yes
wilson: Is there any other questions I may assist you with?
customer: Withdrawal processing times vary according to payment method, ranging from 5-7 days for services such as NETeller, PrePaidATM, and FirePay to 10 days for wire transfer and up to three weeks for checks.
customer: 5-7days
wilson: As I said before, due to the high volume (number) of cashout requests. We cannot process all our customers' request to cashout within the given time frame.
wilson: The Account office will contact you once your cashout requests has been processed.
customer: ok

Therefore see , they avoid paying constantly. So,every one here.DO NOT DEPOSIT TO IVEGAS,They have prestige at time until I can determine !
This is almost the exact same excuse that Black Widow and Grand Banks was using for stalling payments to people who accepted bonuses. It was their way of punishing anyone that accepted a bonus from them and IMO, a real scumbag tactic.

Sounds like the same vermin are running iVegas now.

Even though I'm not connect to iVegas.com I do own
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and run the same software, live support & billing company.

First of all the company that operates iVegas.com is far from being scumbags; I don't mix with such types, let alone do business with them.

I would be happy to mediate a resolution for you nnhhww, however to do this I would require your Casino ID at ivegas.com

Secondly I simply would like to point out that since iVegas.com has offered the Free no deposit $25 signup, they have had around 3,000 players request this free bonus.

IMHO it has nothing to do with a cash flow problem, it is about man hours and the high number of requested cash outs that have to be processed; there is only so many hours in one day.

In regards to the Live Support, with your permission, I would like to copy this and send it to the Operation Manager, who I'm sure will be more than happy to clear up this matter.

In closing, I can only say that this is not a usual outcome or a display of the norm, in iVegas's concern or in mine for that matter.

Mistakes do ocure, however if those behind the operation do nothing to fix it, then there is problems.

In this case regarding iVegas, I'm 100% sure it's an oversight and I'm positive it will be rectified ASAP.
Sorry Joel, didn't mean to offend!

I thought it was an odd coincidence that they were using the exact same wording that I got from BW about why the cashins were delayed. (I am sorry, but the number of cashout requests has caused a large delay in our regular process. )

" (I am sorry, but the number of cashout requests has caused a large delay in our regular process. )"

This would be the truth in ivegas's case.

Just wanted to clear this matter up & at least mediate a resolution. In the process rectify a satisfactory outcome for nnhhww.

No hard feelings jpm, you weren't to know.

Sincere Regards


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You have a really clean site glodge. Quite nice.

nnhhww, sorry to hear you are hiving problems. It is the first time i heard of it. I also tried to bang a few bucks with their bonus. I think i went in after hearing after a month of hearing from people that they not only were winning but even getting paid QUICKLY.

I am pretty surprised to hear about your problem - but i guess you can not please all people all the time.

Good luck.
than you Goldge

after your help,They write back to me at last!

this is email.
Dear XX

Due to certain players not abiding by our terms and conditions, we require you to submit the following form below to verify your identity. Please complete the form and fax it, along with the requested information, to the number listed.

Please fax the following three pieces of identification to support your application:

1. a clear photocopy of the front and back of your credit card(s) - signed;
2. a clear photocopy of your last credit card statement indicating my name, address, statement date and credit card number and;
3. a clear photocopy of your driver's license, front and back, or other photo ID.

User name




Email Address

Contact Telephone Number

To finalize your redemption request, print, fill out and sign this document and fax it along with a clear copy of your last credit card statement (indicating your name, address and credit card number), a copy of the front and back of your credit card and a copy of your driver's license (or other photo identification indicating your age) to:

Fax: 1-416-227-0645

Please ensure that all copies are clear and can be read.

Thank you for using iCashier.

To receive an immediate response to any questions you may have, click on our "Live Chat" icon located at the top of the iCashier Help page from the 'Cashier'. No download is required.

Once Live Chat has established a connection, you'll be able to chat with a live Customer Support Representative. You can also email us at: mailto:icashier@gcash.com.

iCashier's customer support is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Please feel free to contact us again with any other questions you may have.

Customer Support Representative

I think,If goldge not help me,They will not give me any response.

Ok,I have scaned all my documents and sent to Ivegas.

Let us see what kind of results there are. But I predict they also at awkward me.

If your asking the URL of ivegas it's Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) , though I'd prefer you to visit my site :) They are offering a $25 no dep. Hey take a look at both.



The show of discontentment by nnhhww, regarding the operations of ivegas Accounts Dept, I simply felt obliged to add my thoughts and offer assistance to nnhhww in mediation of a solution.

Thanks for your individual support and positive affirmation towards this operation jigga, which in my regard is greatly appreciated.



PS Thanks for the complement regarding the Vegas Heat Casino site.
Hi glodge,
I am going to check out your casino today. I am sure it will be fun.

glodge, since you are a casino owner, are there really many fraudulent players? If so, then I would be more understanding of online casinos. For example, nnhhww was requested to send in alot of info for a $50 cashout. I never heard of sending a copy of your CC statement before. Thanks glodge.

Linda, please let me know about Glodge's site after you check it out ... Good Luck make some big bucks

" glodge, since you are a casino owner, are there really many fraudulent players? If so, then I would be more understanding of online casinos. "

As unfortunate as it is, yes there are Linda. Unlike its land based counterpart, who have the aid of visual security, some people are simply out to scam & or to attempt to commit fraud.

To provide you an example, in the last couple of months there has been a credit card racket out of Taiwan. In essence the CC's are stolen from Sydney Australia, and then this mob uses them online. I know that a number of casino's have been hit.

EG a small casino I know of got hit for over $25,000US in two weeks period, this does not include the charge backs.

Not only is the casino defrauded by paying out illegitimate winnings, but also gets hit with charge back fees, when the stolen cards are discovered.

I can't elaborate on this further, doing so would be a security risk, sorry.

Apart from this example, there are 101 ways to scam, or attempt to defraud an online casino.

It's unfortunate but this is why the fax backs, & players identity issues are of a paramount importance, in the online casino industry.

Let me reiterate, without the aid of surveillance the only other option is to insist on players providing proof such as Driver Licenses, Passports, copies of the CC back & front and utility bills.

If there are discrepancies in this documentation, casino's security departments are likely to flag the player. Until such time as their identity can been proved beyond doubt.

I know this action can seem like a personal dig at a players integrity & honesty, however this is not the casino's intention.

I hope this sheds some light onto your questions Linda :)
It's really nice to see a casino owner's post. You are the second owner I knew. I chat with realwin casino owner before.

Everything has both side. There are good/bad casino and there are good/bad players. It's SO hard to judge when it involved with money.

When I have problems with DirectNetPay/Eztp, I did give them more than 1 month to clear out the error and told them EVERYTHING. I just don't get it how can things became so mixed up. :rofl:

I like to play online gambling for fun, not for making big money (or lose big). So it's nice to know there is good casino out there. I will try yours next time. I will have all my documents ready :D .

Thank you :)

If I may offer some advice, when sending e-mails to a casino regarding an account, try to keep the content in a point to point fashion. I know sometimes; especially dealing with money issues, e-mails can blow out to a small novel in size.

Although I'm sure the casino / processor understands your frustration, it can be hard at times extracting the relevant info pertaining to the problem.

In keeping this brief & to the point, it can help to elevate any misunderstandings by both the player and casino. Thus expediting a amicable outcome for all concerned.

I'd be interested knowing your overall opinion regarding Vegas Heat, when you play.

May Lady Luck be sitting at your side.

Sincere Regards

You are right about keeping the content in a point to point fashion. English is my second language and I do my best to make myself clear.

When the first two double charge appeared on my credit card wasn't that bad beacuse I accepted their excuse (technical problems). But I started to get very nervous and frustrated when I saw ANOTHER $500 "disappeared" in my bank account 10 days later ( instead of credit back). It made total $1000 charged and the money is gone from my checking account. And they still didn't credit back today even they told me they credit back on 6/15. I was afraid of the suitation became worse after reading all the BAD news about these wager21 casino, directnetpay or EZTP.net

Personally, I think it's very important for casino "respond" the customers no matter good or bad news. So the customers know the casino got the message at least. The whole thing really drive me mad is NO ONE ever contact me. I have to call, email and "beg" them to reply me.

There are a lot of good casino with great customer service out there. I played at Gambling club, lucky nuggest, intercasino, realwin casino , Casino-on-Net, Captaincooks, Goldenstars, Ivegas and many others before, I never have any compliant no matter I win/lose my money.

It's gambling. There is always risk in it. I will be more careful now. I think I learned my lesson in hard way, but I am lucky to get recover.

I will let you know how I felt about Vegas Heat. I am waiting for my deposit get into Neteller from my bank now.

Glad I find the forum and you guys here. :)

Having to wear $1000 hit is bad, no matter who you are.

Have you considered " pitching a bitch " to casinomeister, ( https://www.casinomeister.com/player-arbitration-pab/ ) you know he maybe able to help.

Also if you ever need any feed back on a site, this is the place to ask, you've made a good discovery finding casinomeister.com bewitch.

Sincere Regards

I did. But I think DirectNetPay is really bad. And I think Bryan must have a lot of compliant about the wager21 casino.

However, my bank will dispute for me because I have the paper proof they should credit back, not charge again. So I got $500 back immediately and is still waiting for the other $500.

I am lucky this time. I got my deposit back from their mistakes. I thought I will never get my deposit back when all the mess became more mixed up. DirectNetPay blocked my account and never contact me anymore. I also decide to let it go since I got my money back this time. I lose 10lbs in 1 week from all the mess. Not too bad after all.>,hahahaha<,

I visited your site earlier. You has very similar rule as Ivegas. But I think Ivegas change their wager requirement since my last visit. They have fastest payout I ever seen (with firepay). In fact, my money was in my firepay account in less 1 minute. WOW...

I'm happy that you managed to get your bank to fix this up. Normally I don't subscribe to chargebacks, but in your case it warranted this type of action ( IMHO )

Yes ivegas.com pays out mighty fast!
I've know of others to receive neteller payments in under 3 min.

We use the same e-processing company & software as ivegas however, we have ( hope you don't mind Bryan - I'm giving myself a plug here ) 100% signup up to $50 free, with a (10x) play through, you can even play blackjack.

Anyway glad to hear you got some of your cash back bewitch :)

Sincere Regards

Hi Gramsey, always a pleasure to chat with you my friend. Glodge's site is
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I took a look at it earlier and its very classy looking. I will definitely let you know about the site. Thank you for your good wishes gramsey,
and I hope you are winning many jackpots in bingo.

Hi Glodge,
I had no idea that there are so many fraudulent players out there and I think its horrible. I am sure it is a great expense to open and maintain your casino, then to get ripped off is just too much. I now understand why casinos ask for the info that they do. Joel, I have one more question if you do not mind. My driver's license reflects my old address. I bought a new house last summer and have not been to the motor vehicle to update my home address. Is this considered a major problem. So far, all the casinos accept it, since I supply them with my utility bills (which is also a problem since they are in hubby's name) however, my cell phone bill is in my name (I wonder how I let that happen...lol) so I send them so much info that they know I am legit. Also, I fund with PrepaidATM or western union. Do you forsee me having any problems in the future? I am wondering if I should maybe add my name to the utility bills. What do you think? Thanks Joel.
BTW, your casino looks soooooo pretty and classy, I cannot wait to play there. I will play there tonight.


Sorry I missed your post, but thanks Linda for coming to my rescue, much appreicated :)



(Message edited by glodge on July 23, 2003)

Hey no hassle, apart from being on the other side so to speak, I'm also a gambler & like to think that we can all offer each other good solid information, in a relaxed & friendly environment.

In regards to your Drivers License, the way things are now with the industry, and that fraud & scams are pretty rampant, I would strongly suggest having your address updated on your License.

Different address on different ID Docs., may find a casino flag your account. To save this type of frustration, IMO it's always best to have everything up to date & current.

BTW thanks for the kudos on the presentation of the site. Fortunately I'm a web developer, so I do everything myself; saves a lot of money ;)

Anyway Linda let me know how you go.

May Lady ( or in your case Mr ) Luck be sitting at your side.

Sincere Regards


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