I've won the Megabucks lottery twice in just over a minute


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Aug 14, 2006
...or so it feels.

I just had an odd run at Desert Dollar's French Roulette and wanted to share.

I opened my account, claimed the welcome bonus, and I went to the French Roulette flat-betting $1 on Red. I use a silly betting system that starts a Martingale after 6 consecutive losses, betting 6 units following the 6 losses, then 12, then 24 and so on until I either win a bet or bust. I busted pretty quickly after a run of 10 blacks, which is nothing out of the ordinary. That's not what at stake here.

Now, I'm not one to easily claim that a game is rigged, but this is beyond believable. A little over a minute apart (exactly 61 spins according to Playcheck), I got runs of the same number hitting 5 TIMES in a row. The odds of any one number hitting 5 times in a row in French Roulette are 1 in 69.3 million (37*37*37*37*37). :eek2:

See here:

Expired Image
Expired Image

There were also odd groupings of the same numbers and several numbers hitting twice in a row. Oh, and Black hit 60+ times more than Red during that time. All of which is nothing unusual, generally speaking. But that it all happened in 1085 spins is mind-boggling.

What do you guys think? Anyone ever have to deal with something similar? Should I contact the casino first, Microgaming, Michael Shackleford (the Wizard of Odds)?
I've also noticed streakyness in MG French Roulette. One night I spent hours studying the patterns. I thought I had figured out the system and was going to win tens of thousands. I should have played that night. Instead I waited for the next morning, and the pattern was no longer present.

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