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Aug 30, 2005
For about a month now its become a mission to log onto there casino both in the download software and the flash. At first they admitted that they were having technical problems and the kind of problem that causes this is hard to find but they would appreciate are patients. To this day its the same but now they say its on my end. I don't trust these two casinos anymore and i use to trust them so much they were the only two places i played at.
I've been experiencing the same problems. It has become quite a problem to login to their software. I get the message, Connection to Casino Server has dropped, a good amount of the time. I don't experience this with any other software. And you can't login in the first time. You have to disconnect, then reconnect again. I thought it was my internet connection. Anyone else experiencing these problems? or still play at JackPot Factory?
Yes I have. For the past few weeks I cannot seem to connect to any of their casinos on the first try but on the second or third try I get connected.
same thing

I have had exactly the same problem but I am always connected on the second attempt.Any Techies know why this might be?
Same problem. The last time I did finally get logged in, I was disconnected (usually right in the middle of a bonus round LOL) several times before I busted out. Very irritating. I haven't tried to play there since.
I have PM'd the rep on board. Perhaps with several of us experiencing the same problem they can better pin point the problem. They do, definitely, have a problem. And I don't think they can continue to blame it on the player's computer or ISP...

I don't play this group regularly (they emailed me with a bonus offer a couple weeks back), but they're definitely going to be losing their players if they don't get this 'connection dropped' thing fixed.
I've had the same problem for quite some time now. Almost thought they might be going out of business.

Also haven't been receiving much in the way of bonuses and I have spent lots of money at thier casinos.
Ive been wondering the same thing about them going out of business because everything has changed like you say the bonuses and other things. I loved playing at the Factory I've been a very loyal player. Ive deposited $28,334.40 from January 1, 2005 to todays date Ive also won money but I have a heavy hand and cant seem to find the cash out button but thats my fault. IMO its a shame that they would treat there players like they have lately.
Its still not fixed. Does anyone know if the rep. has said anything about this issue? I sent an email yesterday and still have not got a reply. "SHAMEFUL"
Its still not fixed. Does anyone know if the rep. has said anything about this issue? I sent an email yesterday and still have not got a reply. "SHAMEFUL"
Don't forget there's about a nine hour time difference between you and where the rep is. Try mellowing out a little.
True, but if you'll notice, JF thanked a user for their post in this thread almost 24hrs ago. The least they could do is say it's being looked into, or some kind of update.
From the rep :

Hi there,

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. We have contacted Microgaming to see if they are aware of any problems and are currently checking out our own servers as well.

All the best,

JF Spokeperson
From the rep :

I like how the reps on board won't post replies/explanations in a thread directly, and rely on others to pass a message on.

I seriously hope they don't actually think that it's a MG issue, as it's a direct problem with either their servers, network, and/or their upstream provider. With users all over the world being affected, they cannot, and shouldn't even try to claim "internet congestion" on this issue, nor should they claim it's an issue with MG.
I played a bit at All Jackpots the other night. It still took 2 or 3 log in attempts to get connected. However, this time I did not get booted off in the middle of playing. There were a couple of times that everything slowed and the casino was trying to connect to the server, but connection was made and I was able to continue play.

If anyone else is experiencing this problem, please chime in. The more the merrier. :) I doubt very much that the few of us that have posted so far are the only ones.

Not sure why the rep doesn't post to the thread? Maybe because I pm'd him? Maybe he's shy after the big stink over SEO... At any rate, perhaps he'll contact us with more news soon.

I have just logged on to All Jackpots without experiencing the 'connection to server dropped'. I tried it several times and was connected immediately each time with no stalls or lock ups or error messages. I did not try playing. *crossing fingers* I hope, for those who play these casinos regularly, that the problem has been fixed.
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I have about given up on all MG casinos because of this problem. It gets very aggravating very fast when reels are slow, connections are lost, game freezes in the middle of bonus rounds, etc. I also hate the constant downloading of games already downloaded once, twice, three times, etc.
Takes me at least 2 tries to connect to any MG casino BTW. I always wondered what was up with that!!!
i take back what I said about maybe JPF had their problem fixed... I can't log in at all tonight. "Connecting to casino server...." Once or twice it got to the error message, 'connection dropped'. But mostly it just sits there trying to connect....
Long standing problem

This is a long standing problem with me. It can happen with any MG, however it is far worse at All Slots and All Jackpots than any other casino, even others with servers in Kawanake (can't be internet congestion then).
The problem is becoming worse now that casinos are offering more.

I believe the problem lies not with the casino, server or MG, but with the Viper lobby page. I have noticed that since a recent update, any slowness or connectivity issue with the lobby or advertising pages will prevent the casino from establishing a connection with the casino server. If the lobby page cannot load within the prescribed time, the casino will drop the connection.
The Viper lobby pages are not loaded from the casino server, but from an advertising server located elsewhere. The fancier the lobby page, the worse the casino connection problem.
Fortune Lounge used an animated lobby page and an animated movie pop-up - unfortunately this made the casino unplayable and the animated page unclosable. The Viper software has also disabled the ability to click on the pop-up to close it before it loads, something I used to do in order to load the casino faster.
An effective, although drastic, solution would be to redirect the viper lobby page to LOCALHOST and see if this resolves casino loading problem. Make sure to check the promotions by other means if they are likely to be of interest.
The master website is "www.viperhomepage.com/<casinoname>/<this bit varies>"

add to HOSTS file:- www.viperhomepage.com

This will only work if the hosts file is searched before the DNS

I have not had to resort to this yet, but I have this one worked out for trial. There may be some smartass MG casinos that don't host their lobby here, but these should become clear.

The disconnects during gameplay would be down to the internet or the individual casino servers. If down to the internet then all casinos in Kawanake should suffer, otherwise it is simply too many players on the server at the same time, or a crappy server.

Lack of bonuses is not a problem if you know where they are, they have simply been rather creative rather than offering standard match bonuses. VIP players get a mix of both, with VIP only and regular promotions.
Much of the money has gone into some big value tournaments rather than straight forward bonuses. These tend to split between very big prizes for huge wagering, with smaller prizes drawn randomly and for completing a task by invitation (such as play so much on a given game to receive $60 on Monday).
The current promotion is a first come first served 10% bonus sale each weekend, up to $100 per player per day. Total of $300 per player per weekend (for a total of $3000 in deposits though!). The free $100 uses the ClearBonus system, and ideally should be wagered alongside the other promotions and lucky draws. VIP's also get a cashback on losses on Saturday, and depositing $3000 each weekend might help make VIP come along quicker.

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