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I was wondering what Germany thinks of online gaming and if there are the same restrictions on playing, paying ect. as there is here increasingly in the U.S....ps I just won and cashed out 988.50 from Fortune Room (shimmy shimmy shake shake...)Does Germany tax you separately or how does that work???


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Ha ha, such a sweet poem.

Germany is another grey area when it comes to gambling online. For players, there are no real rules against playing. When people talk of online casinos being illegal here, they are referring to operating casinos from Germany. The German land based casinos (there are around 54 or so) have licenses that do not transfer over to the online arena (just like the states). This is why you won't find German Casinos online.

German businesses do not like to take risks as well, and this is one of the reasons (I believe) why you don't see the big German casinos try to change legislature in order to hang on to the business they are losing to German online gamers.

Also, it is illegal in Germany to advertise online casinos unless you have a casino/lotto license. Since the German lotto is not allowed to promote the lottery online, (the same stupid laws apply to them), they have been aggressive in chasing down German webmasters, and telling them to shut off their banners. It's some "unfair competition" law. Germans are babies when it comes to competition.

As for players and their taxes, this is too complex for me to figure out. The German government intentionally makes their tax laws cryptic so you must hire a tax consultant to do the simplest thing. I've never seen such stupidity.

At least the Bier is goood.