It's time to forget MG games


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I'm very suspicios now..after 1 whole week playing on MG casinos..and with no decent winnings, only very rare bonus rounds..
Today I made 1 deposit at GoldenTiger Casino. The results are incredible bad...
Thunderstryck2- after more than 200 spins (0.30-0.60 cents) I hit the bonus spins return me an incredible 3$...
Now take a look at Inca Gold Stat (most of the spins played at 1$ -rest was played at 0.20-0.80$)

Now after 264 spins..NO BONUS ROUND yet..only 10$ balance...

When I ask support about these poor return..the answer came the same from all casinos.."high slot variance"..
I played MG games before but the actual situation is worst posible..It's almost imposible to win something..


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Inca also stole my gold once. Lost a few hundred more in the same session thats not included in the graph.


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239 spins played and highest win $2.90 ? thats really bad... :eek2: if you did 100 bad spins dont wait for the slot to pay out, but switch to another one..


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Couldn't agree more.....

I have however won over 5000.00 at English harbour group this past few days.

Plus various methods to deposit.

If you deposit, try funky chicken and the new funny money. Did good on those