Your Input Please It's that Time of Year Again! Need your input for the 2015 Meister Awards!

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Apr 18, 2009
Would be OK for Bryan to move my 2 posts about Thrills into a new thread.

Why I wrote it was because the rest of us can't comment since this thread isn't about thrills.
I would like to comment too.

Your posts wasn't bad and I understand you perfectly. Please start a new thread and stop getting angry at me :)

Sorry for derailing more!


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Dec 18, 2014
Why I wrote it was because the rest of us can't comment since this thread isn't about thrills.
I would like to comment too.

Your posts wasn't bad and I understand you perfectly. Please start a new thread and stop getting angry at me :)

Sorry for derailing more!

Not angry at all, thought Bryan could move those posts into a new thread. But will open a new one shortly as it really bugs me that those promos seem to never work as they should.
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Apr 4, 2012
Best Casino: Videoslots

Best Casino Group: Refilliates , fast payments, good bonuses

Best new Slot: Tycoon Towers (Rival), sticky wilds and huge potential

Best CM Rep: Dieter (Refilliates), this guy is always here and very helpful

Best new Casino: Raging Bull (RTG)

Best gaming experience: EGT, Novomatic style Slots with good graphics and sounds, thanks to Simmo for that hint

The most annoying Forum members: All those who don`t read the T&C`s

Forum Highlights of the year: Gagamels metal melodies, a wonderful source of lovely music:thumbsup:


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Input for 2015

Well, i usually do a pretty long winded post with a very detailed list, but i have to say i have been postponing it this year, for various reasons, and will therefore instead do something different. Sorry i have not taken the time to read through the thread yet, but i have been a busy bee, and i know this post is going to take up all the time i can spare today.

One thing that's for sure, is that it has become harder for me to judge my favorite casino's, which have grown out to become quite a number in the recent years, as they all have their pro's and con's.

In general they all give me an overall good enough experience to keep returning. However, it used to be more clear as there were only a few Casino's that excelled in certain area's, and in terms of judgement those were the main factors i used to decide who was in my top 3, or 5.

If i make my list now, it most likely will become more of a top 10, and with less obvious area's of excellence to separate them.

So i'll do it on the fly and i would like to start with an alphabetical list of my favorite Casino's, that have pretty much seen all of my deposits in 2015:


Turns out it's a top 12, but ok..

The Good:

In all of the above Casino's i have things that i appreciate. Be it the amount of favourite Games from various providers, the amount of decent Bonuses, the amount of Comps, the Average Withdrawal Speed or the Excellent Customer Service, or a good mix of one of these points: somehow it all seems to balance out in the end.

Do have to say that in terms of Comps there is still no Casino that will likely ever breach the generosity i received from 32Red, specifically from Pat H., but of course this is not the main factor, and definitely not the only factor in choosing a Casino.

There is no real bad in most of these places, or at least not for me, but i do have a list of suggestions for improvement which are not per se as important to me, but i believe they are definitely of a more general consensus:

The Improvements:

32Red: The only thing i can think of for 32Red is to try to somehow become a multiplatform Casino, as this may change everything. Improve the Average Withdrawal speed, at least for VIPS or Club Rouge members. Make Club Rouge for Life again, or much harder to "drop out" of there.

@: You are still top 3 and will forever be, but as i am now so spoiled with games from providers outside MG's scope, i can't honestly call you my number one, because most of my current and recent favourites aren't MG games.:oops: Thanks for all the things you are so consistently excellent in though! And thanks to you, Pat (especially you), Mark, Jonathan and of course the great Customer Support team and "Mr. Ed" behind the scenes: Good times as always...:thumbsup:

3Dice: Obviously more games, no need for other providers, but i feel it should be a realistic possibility to produce at least 2 new games per year. Pimp the loyalty system slightly, to provide more incentives for the lower tiers.

@: As above it's a top 3 position, as the balance of Customer Service, and original Games, with the addition of a forever lasting chance of totally Free Monies, i can't say i am not happy:) Thanks Enzo, Anna, Ellen, Karen, Andrea, Lance and Jared for a great year, and i kind of see you guys as family, and i promise you will see more of me in 2016!

CasinoLuck: Can't say much here, it's grown out to be one of my most appreciated Casino's, and i really have to put CasinoLuck-Eric in the spotlight a bit, as it hardly shows on the forums how great this guy actually is, and i think they are going places, not in a storm, but gradually. The only thing i would like to see added there, are WMS and/or Novomatic Games, and maybe a re-evaluation of the Comp point system, although it's one of the few Multi-Platform Casino's that even have that.

@: Eric, thanks for a great year, and your continued dedication and flexibility towards me personally, i will show my appreciation with continued and even increased loyalty in 2016!

Guts: Guts is an overall great place, and has been on top of things since they joined: I'd like to see more promotions that aren't specific to days in the week, but maybe have a longer duration or validity. Truth be told, i deposited quite less in the last few months, but that had to do with my being in Germany most of the time recently. I do feel most you, my fellow players from the forums, want more and/or better promo's too, although they do have great special promo's on special occasions, and of course wagering Free Spins!

@: Yits, and of course Ben, i really think Guts is a great place, and i did enjoy my few visits this year. I would love to show more loyalty next year, and also hope to see some more promo's or loyalty bonuses (as soon as i deserved them) that will have a few days validity:) Thanks Ben for all you did while in the saddle, and Yits, so far i have a great impression, so i look forward to see what 2016 brings!

IGame: Awesome place, and i can only suggest they add yet more games. They already have the most important providers i.m.h.o, but i would love to see a few more anyway! I assume since they are now part of Unibet, if i understood that correctly, this may happen sooner rather then alter. I think Robin is a very good marketer and manager, and i could only suggest Igame renews their forum presence with some of those cool promo's like they started a while back.

@: Robin, i think you work very hard to get Igame up there, and i for one did like the pimping of the site, and loyalty system. I also really enjoyed the daily promotions, and extra's, so thanks for that, and you will definitely see me again next year:)

InterCasino: Obviously they are still a great Casino at hert, but the once great Brandname has suffered a few blows. The problem here is that they seem to have lost a bit of their touch with the player community. Some of the new and improved did actually improve, but they did have a bit of a sinking in, and this caused me to pause playing there over a long time, and only in the last two months i made a quick return, where to my surprise things suddenly seemed as if i had been missing out. So the point of improvement here would seem to be to get back in touch with the players, pimp the promotional section while at it, and maybe also add some more providers, as i believe shouldn't be a problem.

@: I do thank you for my short but sweet experience when i returned back in November! I still think highly of Intercasino, as you do belong in my top 10 forever, but i would love to see the above points in action. I am positive the Brand has the potential to get back to the heights it has been on for so many years. If you do any of the above, i will of course visit much more often in 2016!

MariaCasino: Maria and Unibet combined have seen most of my deposits in 2015, and if you consider them as one casino, they score pretty well on average, in terms of player satisfaction. Between the both there are plenty promo's and things going on, but i do still feel that individually, there is room for some more player specific attention. It's always a danger with bigger Brands, with loads of departments of which some are in different timezones, and a massive amount of daily traffic, to lose the oversight. Then these Casino's risk losing touch with their loyal players, which are in effect the ground they rose up from.. for that reason, i think it's all the more important to point out this area as point of improvement. Throw money towards the departments that will make sure people are getting offers they appreciate. Pimp the support system to the extent, that support staff is able to handle most issues directly, without having to go through various departments.

@: I love the amount of Games, and specifically some of the exclusives (even though some suddenly aren't exclusive anymore:)) and i personally have had an awesome experience overall, although i did have to make some effort at times to get there, and as a minus, did encounter some lengthy misunderstandings with Dutch support. I did however also see a cool new and improved Bingo and Poker section, and appreciate the fact that there was still time to improve in the average loyalty rewards. Things will be much the same in 2016, at least in terms of me depositing the bulk there:)

MrGreen: They did some improvements to the site already, some very recent but my most important humbug here, is still present, and cause of many personal grievance: the damn Responsible Gaming pop up, which always boots you out of your favourite game, regardless if your in a Bonus Round or not. Please mrgreen, fix this, and suddenly all is well! It will increase my depositing by at least 50%! Of course there is one other thing that could be improved here, and that is the promotional section. I assume their 2015 set up of Cash drop days, Free Spin for Deposit's and wagering contests find many a player, but i am also certain there are many like myself, who don't care for at least two of these promo's and would like to see the more occasional match up offers.

@: Andy, you are of course probably the best decision MrGreen has made recently, and i assume through you they are continually improving: I know you're is up for some cool stuff, and little birds told me there is much in the pipeline, so i hope you fix that damn pop up soon, and i let my money talk when you do! Naturally you will see deposits anyway in 2016, as overall, MrGreen is a very cool place to hang out from time to time. Thanks for all your personal attention this year!

NextCasino: See CasinoLuck

Redbet: I do feel strongly about Redbet, i really like their Casino. and loved my time there while Andy was on the job. I also had great experiences with Marius, and feel appreciated overall. Adam and all the other guys and gals working there seem to be a great team in general, but i do think instead of improving, the last few months it has been the opposite. I've seen less interesting promo's and some of my favorite even disappeared. There were cool additions in the software department, but i personally value my low rolling pleasures, like the Daily Free Spins, monthly and weekly reload Bonuses, and my added loyalty comps..I suggest you bring this back, and even if i can't really speak for any one other then myself, i do believe things were good before, so don't fix what doesn't need fixing:)

@: Thanks Andy for setting things up here back in the day, and more recently Marius, who has personally improved my experience for sure! Also Adam, who seems to be a great guy, and Alex, who also has been there for me when i need an ear, or something along those lines.. You will see some action from me in 2016, that's for sure, but i would like to either see my old fav's back in place, or if not, then something better instead! If that is possible, then my loyalty will significantly improve. Thanks anyway for an overall great 2015!

Unibet: See Maria

Vera&John: I assume from what i've read from other players, that their biggest point of improvement seems to be their loyalty scheme: They appear to be under the impression that coins are all we need.. Of course they do offer players some decent match ups and the occasional cool free spin promo, but i have to say that if there's one Casino in this list where i did feel most unappreciated at times, it would be V&J for sure. A couple of things happend this year which drastically decreased my appreciation of the whole package, and i would suggest that te main thing here is to give more attention to the individual player, or lower the limits of coins that can be earned daily, so they can get more bang for their buck.

@: I did enjoy most of my play in 2015, and there was plenty of it. I also was impressed by some of the staff that handled my first complaint, so had great expectations. I did however really feel insulted at the end of the year, where i personally found myself in a situation, which in my opinion couldn't have been handled more poorly. of course i let my money talk, and there is the reason you saw less of me. I do feel in safe hands, and like the games offered, actually love your Match Up system, and will continue to make use of them in 2016. i really hope to see a more personal approach in that year, or even some retention for my bad experience, but let's be fair, and say thanks for all that you did do right!

Thanks to all in the forum that contribute to this community, and forgive me for not being as active as i could be, but i do see all the (incredible) stuff that's going on, and appreciate all my fellow members! Most of 'em anyway :p

Thanks of course to Bryan, Max, Simmo, Webzcas, more recently Conker and of course Vortran, for providing us with such a great place every year! May it continue forever, and i wish all of "us" a prosperous New Year and a great night to celebrate it's coming!


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Jun 19, 2006
This time of Year seems to come round so fast. Its been a very notable year with so many many highly regarded casinos operating now that I dont envy Bryan`s compiling of the list this year. It`s going to be a difficult job.

There ARE so many great casinos on the list now, and even I cant deny having joined a few of them and giving the odd deposit here and there. Videoslots, Casumo and Guts being 3 that spring immediatly to mind. Innovative, and incorporating a vast array of multi platform slots its becoming harder and harder NOT to be impressed with the calibre of casinos that are operating these days. Like all casinos though they have their flaws. No one and nothing is perfect and each casino has its own niggles and foibles. However, the competition for Casino of the Year is undoubtedly going to be a hot one this year, with so many people rating so many different casinos as their number one place to play.

For me personally I have always been an advocate of loyalty as everyone on this forum probably knows by now :D And my choice for the number one slot still remains 32Red who to me, have continued to operate with their flawless commitment to their customers, and their sterling approach at how they handle and deal with any issues that players may have. As others have pointed out, I too, would like at some point in the future for 32Red to maybe start thinking about how to expand and beging to evolve into a multi platform provider. I have no idea how difficult a task this maybe or if it is even possible in terms of 32Red`s licencing agreements with MG or other parties, but I worry greatly that if they are not careful, they are going to be left behind and this concerns me gravely. My personal hope is that the download client can be upgraded to incorporate other slots providers into their portfolio. This would once again bring the advantage back to casinos like 32Red who operate the viper client, as i think most people would agree that compared to web based casinos, the download client operates far more efficiently and reliably, with far less laggy spins, timeouts and errors. To have a download client that operates with the same level of efficiency AND one that now incorporates multiplatform slots would decidely do away with the need to play at any other casino at all. For me anyway. Its my wish for 2016 :D

As it stands currently , I do have to give kudos to the casinos who are doing a sterling job with innovative approaches and new ideas. I can understand why they are winning a lot of attraction.

My vote however remains with 32Red. As a player my needs are catered for mostly by great daily bonuses, frequent leaderboard slot battles, tournaments, frequent free chips and as hassle free gaming as one could want from a casino provider. 32red`s staff are top notch, complaints almost non existant, support always on the ball and Mark and Pat go out of their way to help.
Even with all top notch casinos that are kicking about Today, 32Red serves me with almost all I need. If they were to go multiplatform all I could say would be to everyone else `watch out`

Casino of the Year : 32Red
Runner up : Guts
Third Place : Casumo
Casino Rep of the year : Mark (32Red)
Casino Manager of the Year : Pat (32Red)
Most innovative casino : Casumo


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Jun 3, 2013
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Thanks of course to Bryan, Max, Simmo, Webzcas, more recently Conker and of course Vortran, for providing us with such a great place every year! May it continue forever, and i wish all of "us" a prosperous New Year and a great night to celebrate it's coming!

Amen to that! :thumbsup:
These guys do a great job keeping this great community running the way it does.


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Aug 16, 2009
Before the threads gets shut down, I'm going to chime in and add a few of my own.

Best New Bit Coin Casino - Bit Starz - I have to love the promotions, along with the nice little gifts through out the year. The nice selection of slots, and the fact that support is always knowledgeable and very rarely has an I don't know answer.

Best US Facing Regular Casino - I would say Casino Extreme for the super fast pay out turn around times. I just can't find a casino that beats there pay out times period

Best Global Casino - It would seem as if there's lot of support for Guts this year, plus with all of the positive notes I can easily vote for them

Best Software Provider: Anyone who's willing to provide an active rep to help us understand there slot process, so Kudos to Soft Swiss and Endorphina for offering a rep to those who wish to inquire about how there software works and all

Worse Player Experience - Paste and pay doing a runner with casinos money and falling behind, yet we knew this was going to happen at some point. Being one of the largest US facing processors


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And that's it folks. I'll be compiling a short list for the CAG members and I'm hoping to have the announcements made on Friday the 22nd. :D

Big thumbs up for those of you who chimed in here. :thumbsup:

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