it's official.........

Yes! It'll be a nice change!

:D :notworthy :D I couldn't be happier! I am a HUGE REDSOX fan!! (I even have redsox Never had the fortune of going to a game in person.. But New England born and raised! :thumbsup:

It'll be a nice change to play someone besides the YANKEES!! (I think they were way too cocky every year all year! So.. No pity here for them.)

:thumbsup:Congrats to all winning teams... and may the Red Sox win! :D
Go Red Sox's
Lets do it again
This kid is cool.
I bet he is saying this to all the non Red Sox Fans

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curling reindeer racing
reindeer racing curling
Reindeer curling

Hm that might be a sport for me.
Why havent i come up with that before.

Satchmo the man the myth the working class hero.....

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