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Jul 9, 2011
Bonjour all :)

It feels like a life time ago since I last posted (life has been a downward spiral this year) but I'm back and have been looking through recent posts to try and catch up on anything significant in the casino world I may have missed.

I see Trada Casino is now supporting instant bank withdrawals - great move in my opinion, seems a few casino's are heading towards this same process in a bid to stand out from the crowd- and rightly so, because winnings should be paid just as quick as the casino accepts your deposit (take note 32Red).

Question 1)

What other casinos offer fast withdrawals like Trada? Mr Green for me are instant, not sure why or how that came about but is a great feature to have. Be nice to see input from the forum on other casinos which offer the same.

Question 2)

What is the biggest casino change you have seen in the past year either good or bad? For me it was probably the acquisition of 32Red by the Unibet folk - ain't nobody see that coming!
Welcome back Shane, hope things will get better for you :thumbsup:

I guess the big news is Big Time Gaming taking over and skinning everybody alive with their mad slots.

Hey miisooo so glad to see your still around this forum :) yes me too, thanks for the kind words! Hope your well and doing great!

Oh definitely - I just had to Google them I had heard of them but wasn't sure on the games they have. Turns out I've played a few of these games without realising. They certainly bring a different take on games :)

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