it's all fallling apart.. the U.S... is done :(


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Well, have some bad news. The U.S. miicrogaming sites have just shut their doors to the U.S. they said U.S. players can not deposit anymore.... I just withdrew my money from riverbelle and can no longer play there ever again. I guess I am done, not much left at this point except 3dice, and RTG.


Showing my ignorance here, but which sites were operating in the US using MG software?

It'll be temporary I'm sure. You could always open a European bank account and play via that :)


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which sites were operating in the US using MG software?
none AFAIK, but there are a number of US facing level 11 platforms that are basically an MG Viper clone... Or, errr, there were up to the past 24 hours,,, Villento, All Slots, Vegas Slots, Riverbelle, CasinoUS, CasinoShare, just to name a few...


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The wait & see game......

There was one, just one single casino (out of 7 MGs') that I was able to download as of this morning and play. There was a surprise token bonus in my account.:) Is there hope?!:p

I refuse to fund my account at the moment until I have funds from other casinos placed back in my QT account. I will not use my debit card via QT at this time due to this chaos. My last purchase was Friday morning and has cleared my bank.

As of this morning I am awaiting $625 from one establishment. $100 of this balance was requested (Sunday early am) and allegedly in processing as of Monday. Normally the funds would have been in my QT account the following business day. Currently 3 days later than normal and am still waiting for those funds, in addition to other w/ds' from the same establishment. Gonna give them the benefit of the doubt for the time being. I imagine it's possible that there is a mass evacuation of funds at the moment?

Have already flushed $500 from QT. According to them, it's hitting my bank at some point today. As of this morning it's not in the account. Never had a single issue with my financial institution prior to this chaos. Fingers crossed all goes well, especially because I will have another. That is...... providing I get paid.

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Microgaming let exsiting US players keep playing, they just stopped taking new US players after the UGIEA.

After the way microgaming acted after the UGIEA, I am not surprised, they are doing this now.


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Was nice doing business with you.

Received an email stating Casino US is closing shop due to processor issues. They sent me one 3 days ago (Crazy Vegas header) stating okay to play there using QT. Had this account from Crazy Vegas days. *sigh*:(


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you withdrew money today?

you withdrew your money today and they said they could process it? Dont bet on it.