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Jan 31, 2004
It is more or less than 1 year that the previous Italian government decided to try to stop online gambling. They imposed an IP ban to internet providers (something easy to bypass if youve got a minimum of computer literacy, but effective enough in order to block the general public).
The moral values of the people were not on the agenda, since that same authority that pressed for these steps is promoting in a disgusting glamour way games like scratch cards, bingo or state lotteries. Everything was more intended in order to force some companies to get Italian licenses. Eurobet was the first one, followed by some others (recently it was William Hill to close the Italian accounts, since they are negotiating with the authority). This is going to work for sport betting since online casino games and poker are technically illegal. But it is on poker that things appear to be changing. Some observers anticipated that the authority is going to allow it as a skill game, but only in case of multi table tournaments or sitngos. And - surprise, surprise - the rake will be 20%. The fact that Party Poker and Empire Poker are now off limit for Italian players maybe an indication of the former on line poker giant trying to get a licence in Italy.
And - surprise, surprise - the rake will be 20%.

Skill game or not, a 20% raked game is unbeatable.

All of the people that are saying how great it will be when online gaming is regulated by the US government. Think 20% rake. :xxx = gov.>player

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