Issues with withdrawing from bingo flash.


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Dec 7, 2014
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Hello all I am new here and was wondering if someone had any advice for receive ones balance from bingo flash. I know I should have done a bit more research at where I was depositing but in that respect I was a bit un informed. I should have picked a more reputable casino but hindsight is 20/20 right anyway my balance at bingo flash is 30 grand I more than made playthrough as I hit a slot for 45 grand and played 15 grand before asking for the withdrawl of 30 grand which was denied because it was too big well I figured they would send it in installments but i guess they want me to have to make 24 separate withdrawal requests and have to wait 4 to 7 days to get it approved then 10 days to send so there is no way that they will be able to send at the rate the trerms state which is 1250 a week and 5 grand a month if I have to go through all that all I want is for them to send me the 30 grand at the rates the terms state. Do you think that I am asking too much? Oh and to clarify I made 2 deposits for 75 each off my MasterCard before I hit the slot. I did use a deposit bonus but it had no max cash out and as I have said I played 15 grand of my win so I made playthrough. It seems like to me chat is already giving me the run around do you think they I will get payed what I am owed as lately it seems more and more scammers are outweighing the honest. it is just hard for me anyway to think that so many are just out to make a dollar and dont care who they screw. or am I worried for nothing. to me winning 30 grand is life changing but only if i actually recive my winnings. below is a transcript of my last chat with bingo flash

to me

General Info

Chat start time Dec 8, 2014 3:31:29 PM EST
Chat end time Dec 8, 2014 4:07:05 PM EST
Duration (actual chatting time) 00:35:35
Operator Tucker

Chat Transcript

info: Please wait for a Bingo Flash agent to respond.
info: Thank you for using our LiveChat Service. This is 'Tucker'. Please verify your Email and Phone Number so that I can assist you.
Tucker: Hello
MegaBond: *snip* *snip*
MegaBond: hello
Tucker: Thank you for the account information, How may I help you?
MegaBond: I was wondering when my withdrawal would be approved and also I had sent a e-mail and they said to contact you all about requesting the balance of my account.
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to *snip* at the end of your chat.
Tucker: When was the withdrawal request made?
MegaBond: like 3 days ago
MegaBond: on the 5th
Tucker: There are no notes on the account yet regarding that withdrawal request
Tucker: However, looking at the last withdrawal request which was denied due to a lack of documents
Tucker: it seems that the needed documents have not been submitted yet
MegaBond: yes and I got a call saying all my docs were approved
MegaBond: and the last withdrawl befor the one that is currently I canceld it because they told me the most I could request is 1250
Tucker: The problem is that the requested amount is over the $1250 weekly maximum amount allowed for withdrawal
MegaBond: that is why I requested the 1250
Tucker: You will need to resubmit the withdrawal at $1250
MegaBond: I did on the 5th
MegaBond: 778720653 2014-12-05 14:22:42 PD 1250.0 1250.0 Cancel
Tucker: It takes 4-7 business days for a withdrawal to be approved or denied.
MegaBond: it sayd at most 4 days on your website
Tucker: Until a determination has been made there will be no notes on the account
MegaBond: but fine I guess I mill have to wait
Tucker: I would allow two more days, and then check back with us
MegaBond: how to I go about requesting my full account balance as I would like to recive it and I think it seems like a bit absurd to have to sibmit one request at a time I understand that only 1250 as per the terms is the max per 7 days that you all will send but I would like to request my blance since there should be no reason to have to approve the remainder once the first withdraw is approved because I will not be able to play until I recive the remainder of my account balance
Tucker: Unfortunately, that would not be something we would be able to do.
MegaBond: why is that?
Tucker: Site rules do set a limit on the amount that can be requested per week, and per month, unfortunately, this is not something we are able to make an exception on.
MegaBond: I know that I am not asking for a exception I am asking to be able to submit my balance and have it sent at the speed and amounts per your temrs
MegaBond: errr terms
Tucker: The requests will need to be submitted separately, at $1250 per week.
MegaBond: I can see you would like me to bend over backwards and waste my time having to submit each and every withdrawl request fine I will do that but don't expect me to ever deposit nor recommend anyone else make a deposit as you all seem not to care about a player
Tucker: With each withdrawal request being handled separately, each request would need to be made separately for the system to assign a different transaction number to each withdrawal
MegaBond: Have a nice day and I will talk to you or whoever is there in a couple days
Tucker: Your Welcome. Is there anything else I can help you with, at this time?
MegaBond: no thank you since you have not actually helped me with any single thing. Have a nice day
Tucker: Your welcome
Tucker: Have a great Day , And thank you for contacting Live Help. If you need further assistance please contact us, and we will be more then happy to help you.
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MegaBond: lol
MegaBond: really why would I deposit when I have cash in my account?
MegaBond: did you even look at my balance
Tucker: If you happen to have an account balance of Less then $5 before the promotion ends you can always take advantage of this offer
Tucker: Is there anything else I can help you with, at this time?
MegaBond: and as I said erlier until I recive my full account balance I will not play until you all aend it to me and at 6 moths I don't think I can make the promo
MegaBond: so if there are any good promos in 6 moths let me know then lol
Tucker: I will be sure to inform you of any at that time.
MegaBond: as I said no you have helped me with everything again thank you
Tucker: Your welcome
Tucker: Have a great Day , And thank you for contacting Live Help. If you need further assistance please contact us, and we will be more then happy to help you.
MegaBond: yes I know you are all most helpful
Tucker: Thank you
Tucker: We have not heard from you in a while. Would you like to continue this chat?
Tucker: Since I am not receiving any response from you, this chat will be closed, if you have any other questions please contact us back right away to our Live Chat, Thank you for your time and have a great day!
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Dec 7, 2014
Renton, Washington, United States
Seems I was worrying over nothing

Well Looks like I was worrying over nothing

2014-12-10 20:38:27 Withdrawal Approved (-) AP $1,250.00 Withdrawal approved System

so 10 days from now the funds should arrive :) and when they do and if the rest of them that I will have to make to bring my account back to 0 go as smoothly then I will have no qualms about depositing as bingo flash in the future.


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Jul 25, 2007
I am happy for you MegaBond and congrats on your super win!:)

But since they can or will not make any exceptions, you will have to sit out another 23 weeks (pfff when spring arrives) to get the full amount. Well, you surely won't touch this site nor your outstanding balance again other than making your weekly withdrawal... Make some screenshots of your balance just in case.


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Dec 7, 2014
Renton, Washington, United States
Well they have approved my second withdrawal. My first withdrawal was sent to the processor 3 days ago they said it could take up to 7 days so sometime next week it should hit my bank account *fingers crossed*. In all actuality so far the process has been fairly painless.