Issue with Neteller cash-ins unresolved for Months.


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
I have been experiencing an issue with withdrawals from a Casinomeister Accredited casino, (whose rep has been PMd about this recently).
Sometimes, when my funds hit Neteller, they are marked as "Declined" on my Neteller statement. This is NOT the usual issue of deposits made in casino software resulting in funds being taken from Neteller but not deposited in the casino.
I have been complaining repeatedly to Neteller and the Casino for months now, and the problem simply happend again a week or so later. I am now finding it increasingly dificult to get my money, and even the simplest tasks take days, and I am repeatedly being told "you will be E-mailed" and the E-mail never comes.
The latest incident happened for a withdrawal of 5000 submitted on the 12th. The first attempt was for 2500 and 300. The 2500 was "Declined" and I only got 300. On the 16th the casino attempted to send 4 amounts (1000, 300, 400, 500). All 4 were marked as declined. On the 17th I got the 2500, but no sign of the rest. I have been phoning several times per day since Tuesday evening, and all I have had is promises, but no sign of a fix for the missing 2,200.
Neteller claim this is nothing to do with them as their system simply cannot decline an inbound payment from a casino, and say the merchant is making the transaction, but then pulling the plug resulting in the "Declined". What is worse, neither Neteller nor the casino can say what the problem is, and I cannot understand why this reputable Casinomeister casino thinks it OK to take 4 days to track down my 2,200 that has got jammed in the works - and why their CS can escalate the issue, but when I check back I find that it was never escalated beyond the CS level.
I have posted a PM to the rep, but no reply as yet, and they have only made 5 contributions in nearly a year so I don't know whether they check their PMs regularly.
I feel I am being lied to, but still cannot work out if it is Neteller or the casino that is doing it.
The casino seem to do Neteller credits every 8 hours or so, but cannot seem to get mine tried again for 4 days, I don't feel they are taking this seriously.
If I get a further lie, or inaction over this, I will name the casino concerned. I name Neteller as players have been posting problems for months, and Neteller still maintain the "not us" attitude, which is what I got yesterday from their PR, along with a promise of an E-mail regarding progress which never came - and it's not the first time Neteller have promised to reply and have failed to. Neteller also stated they have no problems receiving withdrawals from this merchant on record, despite my having made a complaint many times of such problems - 2,200 not important enough to even record as an issue, let alone investigate to a conclusion.

Neteller and the casino CS are unable to resolve this, but refuse to call in someone who can.
I believe (not 100% sure). That the declined message comes if the sender does not have enough money on their neteller account. I have had this happen to me couple of times (the declined message), and always the casinos have fixed it after a few days.

I dont think its a neteller problem, but the senders (casino) problem. I may be wrong though.

kavaman said:
I believe (not 100% sure). That the declined message comes if the sender does not have enough money on their neteller account. I have had this happen to me couple of times (the declined message), and always the casinos have fixed it after a few days.

I dont think its a neteller problem, but the senders (casino) problem.


Kava, I'd have to agree. Had this happen before and after a chat session with Neteller, I came to the same conclusion.

Vinyl, once sufficient deposits hit the casino's Neteller, you will probably see your winnings.
vinylweatherman - I can't do a thing unless you PAB with all the pertinent details (name, account numbers, casino etc.).

I have not used PAB as I have sent a PM to the rep. Unfortunately I have still not had a reply. After numerous phone calls to Neteller and the Casino I have finally got the 2,200 12 days after requesting the withdrawal. I am gravely disappointed at the length of time a simple matter (pushing the cash-in to Neteller again) has taken. I also dislike the evasive nature of the excuses I have been receiving each time this happens. I have now been told that they did know about this problem, but CS had not been made aware so they were still giving me the "we don't know & contact Neteller" line. Both Neteller and the Casino are still unable to tell me what actually has been going wrong, other than that it is a problem specific to UK players withdrawing to a UK denominated Neteller account.
I also had "We now know what the problem is but I cannot say" - what is this all about - I have been suffering these random "Declines" for months from what is a very reputable group indeed. I have even told them that I feel their processor is harming their reputation and they should change to Purchase-on-net, who have no problem crediting my Neteller account at the first attempt.
As I have now finally got the money after a near 2-week phone and E-mail marathon the time to PAB is probably over. As I have been told the problem has been identified and fixed (again?) I will simply see if it happens again over the next couple of months.
Neteller have also told me that they are unaware of the merchant ever having had a problem, even though I have repeatedly complained to Neteller about the "declined" over some months. The merchant will not return any of Neteller's communications on this issue, and the casino rep has not replied to my PM after a week. I have sent a PM to Bryan where I will name the casino and detail the problem in case other issues of this kind have arisen, or arise in future.
Well! Empty promises again!

Despite promises they have done it yet again (Images attached, personal details cropped).
I expect yet another marathon round of phone calls to support & Neteller. I hope this does not take another 2 weeks to sort out, and worst of all IT KEEPS HAPPENING!

The rep on this board has NOT replied to my PM, management have not taken charge of this problem - it is like I am being ignored at higher levels, with no-one wanting to take responsibility for actually identifying and solving this continual problem.
The casinos involved are All Slots & All Jackpots. Long time members of this board, and in the recommended list. I find it shocking that this issue has been allowed to drag on with no sign of action from upper management.

I don't want another apology, or another 100 comp bonus, I want someone to actually look at what this problem is and solve it, not just paper over the cracks each time it happens, and they don't even have anything in place for that either, it has to be done during office hours; and last time (lower image) they could not even manage that!!!!! (The credit finally came on the 24th, well after the declines).

If anyone has more clout than me can they please prod someone in management to sit up and attend to this.
Very strange from this group, who are generally regarded as reliable and honest. I can't recall anything but minor problems, all of which were resolved quickly.

CS generally doesn't know much at any casino, unfortunately. I was about to say nothing like this has happened to me when I went back to re-read, and discovered that said problem has to do with UK pound accounts.

For sure, you will get your money - but it may require patience because tracking down bugs is never easy nor fast.

I do get the money, but at first I simply phoned and finance sent it the next day, now it seems increasingly more difficult each time. As the problem is intermittent, they should simply try again, I see no need to wait for days now. With money trapped like this I lose out on promotions and tournaments. Indeed Jackpot Factory are generous with the latest one they have offered me for my bank finally seeming to be banning Inexia from accepting deposits from my card. Liquidity is ESSENTIAL, and normal Jackpot Factory standards are very good, money 12 hours after flush. What annoys me is the fact that this issue has been going on for many months, and I can see only backward progress, with it taking ever longer to "firefight" and at least push the money through by manual intervention till it works. Why should a problem that only affects the Brits have such a low priority for a fix. They will not even have someone double check and fix my cashins for me, I have to notice it, phone support, and then wait for the "right staff" to be available. Neteller PR have offered to help me by assisting with the problem, but Inexia will not return Neteller's communications!
I am persevering only because I have reached VIP level at All Jackpots and All Slots, as well as at Neteller. I have also been told that Jackpot Factory are actively marketing in the UK, I can see that failure to resolve this issue could kill their efforts stone dead! No other MG casino that I play gives such problems in crediting to a UK Pound Neteller account.
I am annoyed that this problem never gets pushed far up the food chain at the casino, I know this now as a member of support told me that no note existed on my account for a management referral for investigation, it was pure papering the cracks by getting the money processed and then closing the issue as a once-off; which clearly it is not.
I have now been given two different stories:-
1) Support will personally visit a member of management and get the money to me tomorrow.

2) There will have to be contact with various banks and processors to find my money and the problem and I may have to wait up to 48 hours during Mon/Fri working hours.

I have told support that I expect to be compensated if I am unable to utilise the promotion they have offered me if this is due to the failure of the withdrawal process by their merchant. Support cannot authorise this, but I would expect nothing less after all the trouble with these Neteller withdrawals.

I still play, as their reputation indicates that I will get paid in the end, and the bigger mess they make of it, the more comps I get!

I do not understand why sending a PM to "Jackpot Factory" on this group has not met with any reply though, as this is the recommended procedure if resulution through normal support is getting nowhere. I note that Bryan is away till the 14th though, so will not have seen this latest episode yet - I have also sent him my details in a PM, again this will have to wait till 14th, but many of my promotions expire by the 8th!!!
Wouldn't it make sense to stop playing in this casino if you have had many problems spanning over many months? Why do you keep despositing then complaining when you don't get paid in a timely manner?

With the number of reputable casinos out there, I would just move on.

If it was not the Jackpot Factory, and a member of eCogra and recommended on this board I would have done.
I have reached VIP level though, and starting again as a "newbie" at another group would mean going through the process all over again.
I have not heard much in the way of other issues with the group, such as at BelleRock (where I only have one account currently installed, and rarely use it except to keep it alive while they sort out the mess they are in).
I don't believe that it is the Jackpot Factory that is the problem here, it is Inexia, their processing agent, that keeps messing things up. I find the VIP package at JP Factory better than elsewhere, and much better than at Casino Action where I used to do most of my playing. As well over 90% of players are from the USA, I have a feeling that problems specific to very small groups of customers tend to be looked at lower levels in the organisation. My experience over the weekend makes me believe I have finally managed to get this noticed further up the pecking order. The only group I am aware of that has a spotless reputation, and that I have not tried yet, is Trident Lounge, but I am not keen on being told I can't play certain Video Poker games, or that I can't take part in a wager challenge over the weekend if I want my deposit to count for loyalty club offers. I prefer the no Roulette & Craps simplicity of JP Factory, and that you can meet WR on a bonus irrespective of when, and in what tournament, you happen to be meeting it. I don't mind Blackjack being excluded if it allows WR to be kept down to the 3x and 5x levels they have at present. I originally joined this group through Casinomeister on the launch promotion of the Viper platform. I didn't play at the "old" Jackpot Factory last year, as Casino Action had not then imposed the current ruinous terms.

I received a reply from "Jackpot Factory" on 16th November telling me that this has now finally been resolved.

Today, 24th November it happened again! Withdrawal marked as "Declined" in Neteller statement. Too early to say how difficult or easy it will turn out to get the funds resent.

I believe this problem now to be unresolvable on a permanent basis, and should point out it is specific to this casino group sending funds to a Neteller account in UK Pounds. In theory, only UK players should have this persistent problem, which can affect one in 10 withdrawal runs. UK players should bear this in mind if thinking of using Neteller with this group. I have not come across another group with this problem interacting with a UK Pound Neteller account.

I do have confidence that, in the end, I will always get the funds from Jackpot Factory as I have always got them in the end, and it is free to phone them up & complain each time it happens.

I would be interested if other players from the UK are withdrawing to Neteller in Pounds, and whether or not this process is running smoothly over the long run. This might help identify this problem better as clearly it has not yet been properly identified in the previous fixes.
Jackpot Factory WTF!!

I have woken up to a new day of this problem, yes - this is turning into another incompetence marathon. (A mere 3 days so far, the record being 12).

3 apologies, but no funds in Neteller as of last night.
Jackpot Factory rep still to respond to my latest PM on this issue.
Now - a cash-in has been token refunded to my account without explanation (not the one that was causing the problem)

"Jackpot Factory" - PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!!!!

This issue will not "go away" if you don't!
I have played at all slots and All Jackpots

cashout 13 times in 4 months , range from $200- $2000, never had a problem

Jackpot Factory should be a decent MG here.

I think you should call the neteller senior managment to look at this issue.

Please keep update this issue.

I have alreadygone through Neteller, they cannot help. This was even brought up by Andrew Beverage (eCogra) at a meeting with Neteller senior management. Although they told Andrew that they would contact me to attempt a resolution they never did. Andrew expressed surprise, and assured me that the Neteller rep appeared sincere to him at the meeting. Being the weekend, nothing much will happen now.
Jackpot Factory has now replied with another apology, and stated he genuinely believed the problem to have been fixed.

I still have had no attempt to resend the money, but have found the token refund has nothing to do with it. It is due to a bonus sneaking into my account unnoticed as I played, so when I cashed in the system noted an outstanding WR (Double VIP points soon though to complete that WR).

I now have confirmation that the "Administrative Error" is in fact lack of funds in the Sterling Neteller account at Inexia at the time the processing took place. This is a management issue of putting the cart before the horse. (Transfer sufficient funds THEN process withdrawal requests - that'll work).
I have been assured that this is NOT a reflection of cashflow problems at the group as a whole, but problems in the management of players who reside in the UK and play in Sterling rather than dollars. 98% of play is in Dollars apparently.
Given the simple nature of this problem (and strange that Neteller could not shed light on it as they should have been able to tell the source account could not make good the transfer - Neteller kept telling me it was internet timeouts, or that Neteller was not used to pay the declined transfer - what class of lackey do they employ on their helpdesk!), I am still irked at the 9 months this has been allowed to carry on for - this should have been taken seriously at the outset, not shoved aside because the UK is such a tiny market. For much of this time they were happy to get the money to me late, stick 100 in my account and say sorry, it won't happen again.
Even if they say changes have been made to prevent this in future, it will take me some time to regain confidence that procedures are in place, and are being followed by Inexia staff, that will prevent this in future.
This will have been affecting all UK players, many of whom probably have never heard of Casinomeister and may well have written off Jackpot Factory as a poor option, and will look to the UK branded stock such as Intercasino and 32Red.
I have not come across another group who were unable to keep enough available in their Neteller to support players in UK , so I hope that there really is nothing more to this than poor procedures at Inexia.
If anyone is having this trouble with Dollars into Neteller with this group then further investigation is needed - I would certainly worry about underfunding of both Dollar and Pound withdrawals!
Neteller is registered on the Isle of Man and has extensive operations there, and that means that they will fall under the strict and watchful eye of the financial services authorities.

If all else fails, that may be a powerful and effective avenue of complaint, as the IOM takes it's status as an international financial services centre very seriously and the authorities have teeth with which they are prepared to bite.

jetset said:
Neteller is registered on the Isle of Man and has extensive operations there, and that means that they will fall under the strict and watchful eye of the financial services authorities.

If all else fails, that may be a powerful and effective avenue of complaint, as the IOM takes it's status as an international financial services centre very seriously and the authorities have teeth with which they are prepared to bite.

Yes, I am aware of the FSA, and I have made it clear to Neteller that I am thus aware. This has not got me anywhere though - they take the stand that it is not their problem, and it is up to me to pursue the merchant involved. Neteller have not even been prepared to look into the reasons behind the problems, but have stated scripted responses as fact. It turns out to be a problem with the Neteller account held by the merchant, which is something Neteller should have been able to spot as a reason for issuing the decline themselves. (Declining to allow funds that don't exist to be paid to me). If Neteller had been frank, I would not have had 9 months of flannel from CS at Jackpot Factory as I would have been able to make a substantive assertion that it was their fault for issuing the e-equivalent of a Rubber Check. (Rubber Cheque for those of us here in the UK).

I now have half my money, but still await the rest.
They must now excuse me if I now only deposit just enough to help myself to the "easy" VIP bonuses for the forseeable future till I regain confidence to deposit and play the tournaments and not have to worry about being curtailed by a cock-up with a cash-in preventing me from making the best play. Slotjunkies for me now - but can't get Roxy Palace to work, same infinite loop as the fortune lounge lot.
I may have to go out of circulation and see if a major rebuild of my OS helps, but since my Mum's XP kit has trouble with MG casinos I can't be sure.

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