Isn't that Bodogs pic?


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Sep 26, 2005
I was checking out a casino called and noticed that 'girl with money piggyback a cowboy' picture on Bodog's casino page ( ), on Casino Freedom's front page.

Are they owned by the same company or something? It seems odd that any two casinos would use the same exact picture that isn't a game screenshot.

The only difference I can see is they took the 'Las Vegas' and star off his shirt which is probably sufficient 15% change to avoid copyright prosecution.

Looks like it could be either a) using public domain photos or b) oops, somebody did a boo boo :D

Good eyes, -z-.
How about the pear shaped hole in her torso? It's more evident when you see the animated sky through it on the casinofreedom page.

...passing thoughts...

I've got this notion that someday into the future, it'll be Calvin Ayre and the "BoDog girls" squaring-off against Vince McMahon and the "RAW is WAR girls" at...


:notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy​

... live from BoDog's new world class sized BoDog CASINO!!! (ruff, ruff!!!) :thumbsup:

C'mon, is really that hard to imagine these two worlds colliding? :rolleyes:


Given the speed with which Bodog is diversifying into the music and entertainment industry, this is a possibility!!
johnsteed said:

C'mon, is really that hard to imagine these two worlds colliding? :rolleyes:



WrestleMania IX took place at Caesars Palace on April 4, 1993. I was going to see it on PPV, but I almost broke my brother's nose by throwing a remote control at his face. My punishment was not seeing the show. I was sad. But not as sad as my brother.

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