Island Reef - "Safety Bets Certified"? lol


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Nov 19, 2002
I saw something I thought amusing earlier today and thought I'd share it here.

Go to Island Reef Casino at
Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

First, they have the EGaming Commission fake watchdog seal of approval. Haha Joke #1.

But THEN, they have something that looks identical to the old Safebet Platinum seal of approval. Of course, there is no link when you hover over it.

But look CLOSE at the "Safebet" seal and you will see that it says "Safety Bets Certified". huh? Safety Bets? lol That is really funny how they resort to such WEAK deception.

Then next to that, is "Powered by Windows Casino". nuf said. :lolup:

Anyway, they're promoting their new Poker Room. Feeling lucky?
These guys are such amateurs. Windows and their brood are notorious for using deceptive means to entrust good will amongst their players. Egaming Commission? Safety Bets? C'mon, give us a break and grow up.

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