Island Poker, you are a DIRTY spammer!


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
Overnight I received TWELVE emails from Island Poker. All the same ones, all of them say "this is a one time email". This is sleazy as could be. So I go to Pokerpulse, find out who they are. They are a part of Tiger Gaming's group, those who brought you other known spammers such as Zero Rake (massive forum spam) and Superior Poker (massive snail mail spammer). I cant think that spamming anyone 12 times in 2 hours would ever get them to play at their room.

I will never play at your room, and your partners have lost me forever too.
No wonder - looks who's behind it! This from Casinomeister News a month back:


Flagship of Network...but how accurate are those numbers?

Interesting newcomer Island Poker ( caught our attention this week with what can only be described as very bullish claims.

The new site is the flagship of a network which was unfamiliar to us (and is not listed on industry bible Poker Pulse) called, with claims of having 45 000 + players registered.

We looked into this a little further and learned that Island Poker (Europe) Limited is a partnership between a British Virgin Isles investment fund called eMoney Invest and a well known publicly listed company called ADLM Limited with associations with Avi Goldman and Tony Friedman of Windows Casino. Another surprising claim was that ADLM is "Europe's largest online gaming provider."

The new site uses Las Vegas From Home software (part of an arrangment with the Real Time Gaming group) and sports a Kahnawake license. Email and livechat 24/7 Support is available and new signups are being enticed with a thirty percent bonus. Some rather pointless - and toothless - *watchdog* badges are displayed.
pokeraddict said:
Overnight I received TWELVE emails from Island Poker.

If you go to Windows Casino's website and download their link to poker, it downloads Island Poker. At the bottom of their homepage is a link to their "anti spam policy." Click on it and read this:

"Windows Casino has a strong stand against spamming. Please review our policies and help us fight spamming!"

Associated with Windows Casino, even better. Jetset, their spam had the claim of 45,000 players as well. Tiger Gaming/Action Poker, their host room is listed on Pokerpulse right now with less then 500 real money players, 400 of them in tournaments. So less then 100 ring game players. To compare Party Poker has nearly 29,000 players on right now, almost a 50/50 split between ring and tourney.

Quite a bold claim. Party Poker's peak in the last 24 hours was only 33,000.
Looks like the typical operating style of these folks! BTW when we asked them for clarification on their bullish claims there response. Hardly surprising.

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