Is your friends are with you when you Play in online casinos?


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Dec 18, 2006
When you are gambling at a casino, and you have a dearest friends crowded around you giving advice on what your next move should be, do you tend to listen to them or do you go with your own instincts?? or you like play with independely?

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my 2 cents

Ill take advice if they wanna bankroll me lol!!!! I actually like to play alone as well, I move around from tower to tower at the Trop and also go back and forth between slots and let it ride
Surely the original question was just a SPAM?

when I gamble online I am not being bothered by "other people" ...

And anyone wanting to gamble with my stake would be told to FO and start their own session ..
I like to take a friend with me to play poker. He doesn't play, but sits back and inbetween hands, etc...he's a good reality check (especially when he wants part of my action and bankrolls me :D)
I would rather be left alone when gambling online, or even at the B&Ms for that matter (don't like when someone is hanging over me, strangers in particular..I'm thinkin "I'm here to play/win money..not meet people". Sounds harsh but when I'm playing I don't want to be in an "involved" conversation..even at home..I won't play much when a certain friend of mine is around (not a slots player, strictly tables, and doesn't do the online thing (except sports bets). I've told him that his negative attitude creates a bad "aura" and I won't have any luck..and sure enough..if he's there, I'm losing..when he's's on!! But I do like him around for other things ;) , in which case I guess I shouldn't be playing on the computer anyway...
No, I always play with myself.
Ooops! I mean play on my own! :D

I hope that the "oops" part was a mistake or are you playing with yourself not on your own? :eek:
Anyway - only one hand is in use - you can even set the auto-spin for a free hands casino play - You win 10 free spins X3 multi and the 5 wilds is on line 7................... - Who needs pr0n these days?

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