Is WPTonline just a Wagerworks skin?


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Dec 12, 2000
Investors are trying to figure out how many players WPTonline actually has. Do all the players on all Wagerworks sites all feed into the same network? Thus making it difficult for outside viewers to get a head count of WPT players vs Virgin players vs Hard Rock players...

If you are talking about the poker room i believe the only skins to that poker room are wptonline and getminted, which both run on this wagerworks software. The other sites like hardrock and virgin only have casino i think.

Virgin have their own poker room with all games in sterling :thumbsup:
Hardrock has a room via its sister site Mecca. Not sure what network it is, possibly tribecca?

Had another look at this. It appears that i was wrong. Virgingames has a poker room which runs on wagerworks software aswell as wptonline and getminted do (not tribecca as nafanny suggested). So there are atleast 3 rooms running on this software.

Hardrock has a poker room trough its sister bluesquare, which runs on "vcpoker" software. I cant never remember the name of that software , but victor chandler poker was the first one to use it. Now it is also on goldenpalace, and many other places.

It's not just the software. People want to know that if they go to the WPT Online "poker room" and see x number of players playing, do all those players "belong to" WPT Online, or are they composed of players "belonging to" Virgin and Getminted?

Investors want to be able to monitor how well WPT Online is doing. They can't use the headcount from the poker room itself if an unknown percentage of players is actually generating revenue for another company.

No they dont all belong to wptonline. There are players from virgin and getminted aswell.

Thanks Kava. There's investors monitoring the sites numbers and posting cheerleading statements about the numbers as being reflective solely of WPT Online efforts. A lot of people have already lost a lot of money on the stock.
No problem mary. I play both getminted and wptonline. Used to play minted only but wpt has neteller deposits and withdrawals. Wpt is more then a wagerworks skin though. They have some private tournies and other promos.
By the way. Why does this interest you? ;)


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