is "Virtual city" casino the same as the virtual group casinos ??


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hi ive played the no-deposit on this casino and since im winning some i started searching
the name and only found info here about something similar "virtual group" are these two connected?
i asked the support live chat if they were accredited here but they didnt know of casinomeister
at all .

The wagering&bonus rules are a jungle of difficult paragraphs and im getting nervous about getting
paid even if i deposit my own money

this is the address :
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(hope its ok to post it)

they are licensed in khanawake and the support claimed being licensed in Malta too
and the use microgaming slots


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No connection at all.

If you scroll right to the bottom of their homepage (the link you posted) and look bottom-right you will see Microgaming is the software and Casino Rewards is the parent group.
The Virtual Group ONLY use RTG software as far as I'm aware.

They are not accredited here, but they do have a rep on the forum: Renee - and she DEFINITELY knows CasinoMeister! ;)
IMHO they are safe to play at and you will get paid.

Welcome to the forum! :thumbsup:



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pheeew .. thanks for the fast answer :)

ill have to say that even before i registered here casinomeister have helped me much in understanding
the pitfalls and dangers in online gaming so keep up the good work its appreciated by alot of people "not yet registered" in the forum :thumbsup: