Is this slot broken?


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Jan 22, 2016
Well, take a look this screen from MG Reel Spinner (free spins):

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This fish shouldn't appear twice at the third reel, only stacked symbols are wilds which are so bloody rare) and there are always 3 different symbols between
the same one. Such spin repeated once more (also in free spins).

BTW, this slot has 96.10% RTP just as famous 9-liners (TS, Ladies Nite...), but at the momment it is dreadfull to me. It can kill balance in no time with minimal bet (0.15). I had sessions with about 1000 spins wherre I couldn't get anything more than 30x (only once or twice). To be honest, this game is under promotion in casino where I play, but I simply can't believe that players pressure could push volatility so sky high.

Or this is simply another MG crap...I mean, I play TS2 which saved many times...but I wonder is it from the same company...


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Aug 29, 2012
I'm not sure about this game but I can tell you the 9-liners have been relentlessly brutal over the last few weeks.

Glad someone mentioned these bastard games. I can't hit anything on any of them....Thunderstruck is like a different game, Adventure Palace has turned into nightmare garden, Ladies Nite doesn't like triggering much, and Karaoke Party wants my soul.

Tinfoil or not, they all play like shadows of their former selves. I used to consider these games on the higher end of medium, now they play like HV beasts!

I can't say I enjoyed any of my slot play with the 9-liners, they used to be my 'go-to' session starters. Kinda getting sick of being told that these are natural gameplay curves when they all flatline simultaneously for days and weeks on end! :cool:

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