Is this how Austrailians feel every day?


can turn wine into water
So I moved to Manitoulin Island and since here I've seen more wildlife than I have in 40 years..and I swear half of it wants to kill me or the animals. :D

The fox that comes daily is pretty cool (I feed him eggs, berries and sandwiches) and the cats are big enough to take care of themselves that they arent potential snacks. But damn, the wolves and coyotes - the cat got what looks like a coyote bite and has been to the vet. I hear the pack of them out nightly so all animals are inside at dusk.

Today I step on a bloody rattlesnake walking the dogs. And yeesh, I've been traipsing through the field 3x times daily in flip flops.

I know for some members, shit that kills ya is a matter of course lol, but not often you see or worry out this way (well..until I moved here).


ps yes I know I misspelled 'Australians'