Is this frustrating?

catrina m

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Feb 8, 2007
US of A

You put your funds in. Everyone knows that its instant.

You take your funds out. Everyone knows what that is like.

Every casino out there could learn from 3 Dice.

I gambled, I won, I hit the cashout.

Why is that hard to comprehend?

They let your money sit and grow mold, lol.

If I hit the cashout button, IT MEANS I WANT TO CASHOUT

I guess some people grow tired and gamble it back, that must be the reason.

Make them wait a day or two, we will get it back.

I will deposit funds in another casino while waiting on you to GIVE ME MY FUNDS.

3 Dice is probably well aware that if you have the gambling bug you will re-deposit it. They kick it out instantly. Very intelligent.

It is frustrating to wait, makes you want to never play there again.

The only complaint I have ever seen about 3 Dice is winning. Its the same everywhere else. You can win or lose.

Lose your business while holding peoples money, that not very intelligent.

Hats Off 3 Dice. You win hands down in payouts!


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Nov 18, 2006
I've never played a lot at 3Dice but the times I have and I've gotten lucky with a cash out I can say I'm tickled pink with the time it's gotta be a record. :thumbsup::thumbsup: and it certainly makes me more apt to go play some more. Too bad more of them don't get those great points you covered Catrina.


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Feb 18, 2008
Your right this 7 to 21 day waiting period is crazy. Play at the same casino for years and they have all your info so i wonder why they just cant assist us in this issue in less time. 3dice pays almost as soon as you hit that withdraw button. Louise great team cherry red oasis rushmore not even half a day.
Buzz casinos 8 hours and seeing as this is a newer casino thumps up to them.
Royal joker the new mg casino also was fast for me i had 7 withdraws in a 9 day period and all them landed in my account the following day.
I also never play at the casinos that make you wait for your funds. As i wish to use my winnings as further deposits. I also got rid of the fake bonus offers they send in the email to get you to deposit then go casino has the right to change the terms at any time. The way these casinos keep going us players are really going to be limited to our plays.


Aug 20, 2007
I have never played at 3Dice before, but after hearing so much positive things about them on this forum I will start an account there. Fast payouts means that I play more and that must be what the casino wants. if I have to wait 7 days that means I won't play for 7 days; boring for me and bad business for the casino.