is this a new casino dirty trick?


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Feb 4, 2005
boro, uk
i have reported in the past at my annoyance of how casinos fail to ask you for ID, but always give you the impression that your cash out has been approved, yet it only when you its been a while and you havn't been paid, you then contact them only to be told that "you never sent in the ID we requested by email"

well as i know this is problem with the majority of casinos, i have started sending in my ID regardless of whether i have been asked for it.

but now i have come across a new phenomenom, that is being giving bonuses you havn't requested, these bonuses are usually for a small amout of say 10/$10, but always come with the ridiculous WR of something like 20x (D+B), which is a bit a problem when your deposit is 500.

a quick check on the site always reveals, that you need to request this bonus, yet you have NEVER requested it, and you then end up wasting the best part of a week trying to get them to remove it so you can make your withdrawal.
**Scrollock - you do not HAVE to USE these bonusses, you can ask for it to be removed the minute you see them in your account. Most of these are automated (no matter what you might think) and I have had many of these ... and requested them to be removed, without a problem. AS LONG as you DO IT BEFORE you start playing! IF you use them, it is because you WANTED to, and in most cases, a lot of pple THEN only want to kick up a storm when they realise that 'free' actually means 'catch me if you can!'. Most casinos will remove these bonuses upon request, don't only wait till cash in time to try it. **

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