Is this a bug or the 3 card poker rule?


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
A player at the zoo posted this screenshot of a hand of 3 card poker. Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

If you notice his hand is king high straight and the software says it lost to A23. I know in Paigow some casinos say the wheel is 2nd highest straight. Could this be the same in 3 card? Is this a bug? As you see his bet was only $1 so I cant imagine he forged a screenshot for $1.

Are their any MG reps in the house or gaming experts that know for sure if this is a bug? I will pass it on.
I know that in paigow a straight ending or beginning with Ace will beat king high. Gut feeling on this one is that its a bug since I've never read that rule on any 3 card poker game I've played.
This is indeed very wierd.
The player lost his ante bet, then was paid for the straight bonus. This hand was, in fact, a push.
And then, how come the player didn't raise? It seems the player has placed his next bet while the cards for previous round are still on the table.
Still, I'd think JQK would beat A23.
The $1 he won is the ante bonus for a straight, which I have learned you get an ante bonus whether your hand wins, loses or pushes. I pushed a royal twice but still hit the ante bonus and PP bonus.
Three Card Poker . . .

. . . is based on a variation of the British game called 'Brag'. In that game A,2,3 is considered as being the highest straight even though it may seem strange.

Furthermore, 3 of a kind is the highest hand possible in 'Brag' even though a 'straight flush' is harder to get.

Finally, to cap it all, the highest possible hand in 'Brag' is 3 3's which beat everything including 3 Aces.

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