Is there something wrong Microgaming's new software?


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Nov 28, 2005
Monterey California USA
Hi ..
I wonder if anyone else has encountered this..You log into a microgaming casino..Some of them have changed the interface where you select the slot game you want to play. Anyway there is a list of slots however you cannot select any of them. Even after they have changed color as though a download of them has completed. The only way i can get into the slot machines is to go to the home page and select from the few games that they have listed there. Ive had it happen in one or two casinos. I think it is the casino software updates they recently did to add some new games. Im not sure possible it could be my system. Anyone else experienced this?

Q. "Is there something wrong Microgaming's new software?"

A. whenever has there been anything right with it.

ive had exactly the same problems on the old interface, its quite annoying because i havn't been able to play any of the new games since aug/sept.(well sort of)

the most annoying thing i have found is that occasionally when a new game is released, i can play it after downloading it, but then on the next time i log in, i get a "software update" (you know your getting one of these because the casino is taking longer to load up than normal ala, grand prive) and my access to new the new games is then blocked.

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