Casino Complaint Is there some clarifications ?


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Sep 13, 2006
To whom who think that the casino can not influence the game

Iam playing at MG casinos only at Flash version "Hitman game" which is my favourite game and of course with small deposit. First I have won 250 at canbet and I get it in my neteller.I have returned to the same game and surprise the "Hitman game" was completlty different, nothing coming out even with six or seven deposits. Like as I was playing game which I did not know before .

Second, at Villento casino, I was playing in the past and I was lucky at Hitman and of course at the end I lost all the wining. When returning to the casino, there were no Hitman in the list. The chat said "technical problems ?". Somedays later they bring it again and surprise the game changed already, nothing come out .

At Intertops , the same things happened. First I got some wining at Hitman and I loose it there. next day I returned to the lobby (Flash), there were no game .The message was indicating "casino error" when I opened Hitman even it was there at download version and I checked it. Somedays later, they bring it again at flash version. Surprise nothing and the game was changed.

At 32 red casino the same things happened there but due to the presence of many "supporters" of this casinos here in this forum, it become impossible to open our mouths or to complain against them and no one have asked them questions about the game.

At Grandmondial casino, few days before, it was an error to open "Hitman " at Flash version (continued message "connecting to server" and no game show up).I checked it at download version and it was there even they have same server. few days later, they bring it again and surprise nothing coming out. Before the game was in the left side of casino list , now the game is in the right side. Is it the Microgaming company itself who change it ??? I have asked right away the chat to close definitively my account.

This experience let me beleive that when they checked my game and which feature I got (bonus, free spin etc...), they change the spins and they adjust the game which is of course unacceptable and shamefull. Did they think we are so stupid players without any intelligence.

I have sent a private message to canbet here to ask what is going on but unfortunately, the casino representative did not answer even he or she was here today in the forum. I think there is no more fun to deposit money at such casinos.

The only question which I asked myself is who to beleive . I wish somebody can explain to me what is going on


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Oct 14, 2004
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This seems more like a genuine problem with the game, rather than them removing it because it paid too much. MG have in the past removed a game for paying too much due to a glitch, which was later fixed - so it remains a possibility (they did it once).

Getting these more complex games to work on Flash has often been a problem, and even the download version of Hitman had a problem with the free spins and green (assassination) bonus.

MG games do this all the time, one day they hit constantly, and on another they miss constantly. This certainly doesn't feel random when you are at the receiving end, but we players overlook this when winning constantly, and although we moan when we have a long losing streak, a winning one will be along later (usually on a different game though, or even a different casino).

I feel that MG games can often get stuck in a rut, and go on a long streak in one direction, and this is not good when it's the wrong direction:D

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