Is there a search function?


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Apr 18, 2004
Mr. Casinomeister, is there a search function available for your forms? I was hoping to search to see if there had been any posts about a casino with a deal I thought was good, but I wonder if it's legit and if anyone else has tried them?

At any rate, the casino is Some guys on another another web site forum had a post that said they had a no deposit promo going. I went there and entered the promo code and it did indeed work. I played about an hour all total and won more than I expected for using someone else's money.

So I am curious if anyone has experience with these guys, have they taken advantage of this no deposit promo and, if so, did they get paid when it was time to cash out?



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Jun 30, 1998
Hi Lunchham,

Welcome to the forum. There is a search link right between the "New Posts" link and "Quick Links". It says "Search".

doing a search on LogOnCasino came up with this thread:

Don't forget you can search the Newsletter, Rogue Section, and News Section in our Knowledge Center here:
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