Is there a reputable casino that doesn't reshuffle after each hand in bj?

There are some casinos with live games that dont shuffle after every hand. If your goal is to card count though id be cautious, many have terms that void your winnings if they catch you counting.

The number of decks effects the ha: For example
ha with 8 decks might be .48
under the same rules 4 decks would be .40
2 decks .22
1 deck -.15 (.15 in your favor)
Live Games

For live black jack, go to Playtech Casinos
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would be my advise to you.

I belive live black jack at playtech uses 6 decks.

you can ask to the dealer before placing your bet.

Nice software...

There are other live casinos like

Outdated URL (Invalid) and, but honestly I don't know much about them regarding rules, decks or payouts...
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I'm pretty sure Crypto's don't shuffle on every hand - at least not on the multi-player table.
Every so often the 'virtual dealer' stops & shuffles - but whether this is a real shuffle or just for show I don't know...?
Penetration at Crypto

Multi-player Crypto tables give about 33% penetration according to their web-rules.

I like playing with small bets and being entertained by the 'innovative strategies' I see employed by other players.:lolup:
Supposedly Global Player casino doesn't shuffle their "cards" which is why their maximum bet limit is quite low for their games to deter or minimize card counting....still possible but limited.
Dont bother counting at Playtech's live BJ. I tried doing this, but they use 8 decks and shuffle after only using 4. I was very disappointed to learn this cause my counting was working perfectly, and then just as I was starting to get an advantage they shuffled. :(
A related (and maybe silly) question:

When you play BJ is the card sequence predetermined at the beginning of the hand?

In other words, if I Stand rather that Hit the dealer gets the card I would have got (assuming he has less than 17)?
Actually, card counting at online casinos won't work because you can't see the "behind hand" ;) ;)

Didn't understand this one sorry :)
What's the "behind hand"?

As far as I understand if shoe is played some 50% to 75% you can count be it online or real casino.
Or do you believe casino softwares (even from reputable providers) have "you cheat us we cheat you" feature :eek2: ?
Regarding Shuffling

3 softwares I am familiar with have the option to activate shuffling after every hand....

You can also set it for the deck to be shoufled after X amount of hands dealt.

Most casinos out there shuffle after every hand.

Here in Costa Rica most land base casinos are switching to use shufflers for every game, which in my opinion blows...

I really preffer playing non-shuffler 4 deck BJ than playing on a 6 deck table with a shuffler... I might be paranoid, but I feel I get a better chance with the 4 deck non-machine deal.

Is a fact that 4 decks is better than 6, regarding the machine is just that I never had any luck with those things.

I do believe shufflers are good on land based casinos for games like Pai Gow...
play with shuffling

for non counters, shuffling after every hand is preferable. Someon already did simulations for that.

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