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Jul 13, 2002
Hou, Tx. USA
Is the Black Widow Casino considered a Reputable casino according to the Meister? Is iT safe to play there, like do you actually receive your winnings, how long does it take to receive your money? Is the support staff helpful and friendly? I see they are running a special this weekend and I was thinking about trying them out. Do you know if they use the dredful Proc Cyber? Any information would be appreciated before I download and deposit money. Thanks, babysister
Hi Babysister,

There are a number of posts concerning BW casino in the "Grand Banks & Black Widow Q&A" topic section here in our forum that can answer some of your questions. The most important is yes, they are safe to play at. They have recently switched from RTG to Playetech software last month. They were also one of two RTG casinos that I was willing to promote here at Casinomeister mainly because they have a very good reputation, provide excellent customer service, and is professionally run. More information here:

I've never had any problems with them babysister, been a player there since they started with RTG. Always got paid (even if it took a long time sometimes) and they had good promos & contests that I won some $$ at too. I haven't had any dealings with them as far as withdrawls since the changeover to Playtech, so I can't speak to that. I wouldn't have any worries if I did though.
As I promised...I played both Black Widow and Grand Banks with the new software. I deposited $50.00 to each...received the match bonus from both. I then continued to play the "manly" game of Video Poker 'till my hearts content...and to fulfill the wagering requirements...and was able to withdraw and receive my winnings in a very acceptable manner to me. Timely and right into my Paypal acct!!! BRAVO!!!
Lucky you, I've been waiting since August 15th for my Paypal winnings, a friend of mine has been waiting 40 days.

I've been told I've been put in a priority list, but as my friend was put on that list a week ago it doesn't fill me with confidence.
I hope you're right about Black Widow, Bryan. I'll grudingly lose money gambling, but I hate losing money because a casino doesn't want to pay out my winnings.
Hi All,

Just to recap: I'm in touch with this casino group often, they're going through some operational growing pains since switchover from RTG to Playtech. Just like any major move, unforseeable things often hammer your plans for a seamless maneuver. Don't worry, payments will come.

I talked to Nicole in live chat about my cashout, which is 30 days old today. She stated what bryan said about the switchover from RTG to Playtech, they are having problems because of the switchover and have been doing things by hand.
Brian respectfully the changeover "excuse" would hold a lot more validity except that they had the same extremely long delays when they were RTG as well - this is not something that has occured since the changeover.

While Grand banks and Blackwidow are honest and you would always get your money- from my experience (and I notice many other posters on boards) they have been consistently slow payers for well over a year.

Received an email from BW today. They are giving 15% bonus up to $150 for paypal deposits. Hmmm.......beleive i will wait until they pay me the $1500 they owe my before i deposit any more funds into their casino.
Just received another email from BW stating the reason for the delay in payment, and the reason they have doing things by hand recently, is because of fraudulent accounts. They claim to have found a few accounts that were fraudulent. The only withdrawl requests they are manually processing are the ones made between 17 july and 16 august. I guess thats around the time they had their big 33% bonus promotion. They went on to state that any deposit requests after 16 august are being processed normally.
I believe this is a flat-out lie. I made my deposit on August 20, and requested a withdrawal on August 21. A few days ago I contacted them and asked why my withdrawal request was still in "waiting" status. They replied that "we have been experiencing a delay in processing withdrawal requests. We are unable to provide a specific approval date at this time. However, I have added you to the priority list for withdrawals."

So it looks like this situation doesn't just affect the withdrawal requests made between July 17th and August 16th as they claim :(
What really irritates me, is the constant
"lame excuses" not only Black Widow, but
numerous casino's, continually come up with
to explain delayed payments.

Everything from "switching processors","the
bank's error", "audits", "system bugs" "fraud
checks", "holiday's", "computer problems"
"new staff", "changing software", and on, and
on, and on.

Players want their money, NOT excuses.

All of these casino's seem real capable of
of "accepting" your money without any problem,
just "paying" you is when all these "problems"
seem to occur.

Hummmmm... :eek:
Well a week later and I still haven't been paid, so much for the priority list.
They haven't even responded to my last email either. Bryan I usually trust your judgement, but isn't it time someone with authority spoke up and gave these people a nudge?
Hi All,

I received this over the weekend:

September 5, 2002

In the period July 17th to August 16th 2002, Black Widow Casino experienced large volumes of transactions. Each transaction needed to be scrutinized for fraud and some were found to be fraudulent.

The detection of fraud coupled with the changeover to a new software platform necessitated that our financial services team process all withdrawal transactions manually. This has caused delays to our usual payout process.

To remedy this situation as quickly as possible, Black Widow Casino is taking the following steps:

1. Every payout request is being manually processed on a case-by-case basis.
2. Fraudulent transactions are being identified and their accounts frozen. Fraudulent account holders will have the remaining value of their deposit returned to them.
3. Non-fraudulent withdrawal requests in the July 17th to August 16th period will be honored.
4. Withdrawal requests made after August 16th will be honored and are being processed using our regular procedures.

Black Widow Casino regrets the disruption of payout operations. Rest assured that we are working to minimize the inconvenience caused to innocent players by the dishonest behavior of a small group of fraudulent players. We thank you for your patience as we continue to sort out this matter.


Blake Schumacher
Casino Manager
Black Widow Casino
:mad: I just received an email from BW accusing me of violating their terms of use. They do no specify which particular term that i "supposedly" violated, instead they list 3 terms that could have been violated. #1 multiple accounts, I had one account with BW acct# bwr00816342 so that couldnt possible be the reason. #2 Name on account does no match the one on credit card used to fund account, again couldnt possible be that because the name is the same. #3 Multiple redemptions of promotional bonusus, I received 2 bonusus, a $50 bonus for opening an account for the first time and a 33% bonus on the $600 dollars that i deposited, both of which were being offered at the time. It clearly stated in the bonus section that a player was eligible for both bonusus so that cant be the reason either. Why is this casino accusing innocent players of violating their TOS? Is it because they got over their heads with a big promotion so they need a way to get out of paying some players monies that they rightfully won? There will be a fight BW, I violated no TOS and you have no reason to accuse me of such, and to viod any winnings. This is truly bizzare behavior from a "supposed" reputable casino.
I misstated the bonus, the high roller bonus was as follows, $50 initially, play through the $50 3 times and the deposit 7 times, email support for the remainder of the highroller bonus. Wager the remainder of the bonus 2 times and you can cashout. I deposited $600 so the total amount of wagers required to cashout would have been $4746. I wagered a total of$6030.
Sorry for your luck adaubenmire, perhaps if you write to Bryan via the pitch-a-bitch form he'll be able to help you.
I have eventually received my winnings, but the combination of min. $5 BJ and the extreme wait for funds have put me right off this casino.
I would like to say that as of today, my account with Blackwidow, has been settled, to my satisfaction.

I do not however agree with the way they went about resolving the issue. I was, according to their email, accused of fraud. Which was absolutely not the case. There was no fraudulent activities on my part, whatsoever.

The error occured when someone at Blackwidow inadvertedly credited my account with too many bonus chips. Seems like an easy fix, just take back the overage.

It took Blackwidow 6 weeks to rectify this situation, which is in my opinion, very excessive. Not to mention the fact that i was accused of something i did not do. (think i will leave this one alone in the future!!)
It took me 21 days to get paid my $135 on a $50 deposit.I tried BW casino because of the 100% match bonus so I made my deposit and taking for granted that they were like most other platech casinos I thought I'd get paid my extra $50 bonus right away and of course me being not investigative enough with the terms and conditions set out by Black Widow I realized that I had to play 8 times my deposit first before even receiving my match bonus and then had to play through another 2 times before I could cash out! I thought OK great learn my lesson and lets get busy,maybe I can still pull this off and get my bonus and make some money. I head straight for the BJ table and wham! another surprise $5 minimum bets. I thought for sure I was doomed since I only had 10 bets to get me on a roll towards $400 worth of gameplay but I managed to squeek by and be able to collect my $50 match bonus and play through another 2 times.At that point I was at $155 in my account and tried a few more hands with no luck so I threw in the towel and cashed out at $135. Anyways it was a learning experience for me to be sure to ALLWAYS read the fine print before giving your money away.I feel waiting 3 weeks was way too long to wait to get my money via paypal and like Bjlady ,the $5 min bet is not very enjoyable for me.-gary
They must have changed the minimum on blackjack. When i played there in early august the minimum was set at $1.
Yes,it is safe.But it change the software in July and swift to Playtech.
They have online realtime support but it means nothing to me,because it took me 13 days to receive my $ 90 winnings. :yawn: }
Yes,it is safe.But it change the software in July and swift to Playtech.
They have online realtime support but it means nothing to me,because it took me 13 days to receive my $ 90 winnings. :yawn: }

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