Is RTG Slots truly random???


Dec 6, 2004
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I was playing RTG Ronin slots yesterday. My balance was $84. While the slots was on auto spin. I also open a mini-window and start playing carribean 21. I noticed my balace went from $84 to $148. I closed that window and saw that I hit the bonus round for 25 spins. Now my balance was $148 before the bonus round begin in Carribean 21 window. But it was like $103 in the slot's window. But after the 25 free spins my balance showed $148. I promise!


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Jun 22, 2005
Ouch! Sounds a little screwy to me. Did you mention it to casino support? Did you notice if you 'hit' anything on the free spins? I would assume with 25 free spins you would have hit at least once..

Sounds like some kind of software bug.


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Oct 17, 2004
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My experience over the last couple of years on free spin slots across ALL platforms - is that the outcome is pre-determined. Strangely, what confirms this for me is actually the really great outcomes, as opposed to the poor ones. The more I think about it, the more astronomical the odds are to hit a top paying five symbol/wild kicker win in the free spins - but it happens, reasonably regularly. Ladies Nite is a great example of this, with the perfume bottles and wild kicker turning up in the free spins way more than you'd expect them to. Tally Ho too - I've hit the five foxes (including a horse) in the free spins probably more than straight on the reels.

Even though the server sends something during each spin - I'm convinced the software has decided what you're gonna get before them reels even start spinning! Just the same as the Crypto bonuses really, where you get a fixed amount straight out...

Doesn't take the fun out of crossing your fingers and waiting to see what drops in though :D

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