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Dec 20, 2004
Washington DC
I've attached my online BJ session logs from the last several months (165 sessions). This is pretty typical of my online BJ experience for the last year or so. Lots of streaks, winning and losing.

Some of my very small wins ($100 or less) happened when I had a few comp points and played them out for a few minutes then cashed out.

The good news is that I am up over $19K! (Note: in the last column I totalled up the session numbers instead of the win/loss numbers. I tried to delete the originally posted spreadsheet and replace it with a corrected one, but I can't figure out how to do that. The total that I am up is $19,600, not the $26,820 listed. Still not too shabby!).
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At which casino(s) did this occur? I believe that some SWs are streaky, some are random, and some have non-random elements unlrelated to streakyness.
I've no concept of what makes up "streaky" or not, except regards bacon, so I can't help...but it certainly ain't shabby :thumbsup:
Hey, Simmo, I noticed this ages ago but never got round to mentioning it. From your Online Casino FAQ:
In addition to this, I decided to implement a maximum daily deposit limit on the two casino accounts I use most regularly. Both these casinos are Microgaming casinos, and the reason I did this was because Microgaming games, I find, can be more streaky than at other casinos and I want to ensure I don't end up chasing my losses.

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