is Nektan rogue?


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Jul 10, 2016
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May I ask as off topic as it may be.. would you class nektan as a rogue and dodgy casino?..


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Feb 17, 2012
I've already answered Playford7 via PM on this issue, but for everyone else:

My opinion would be that Nektan are for the large part a 'safe' group to play with. They seem to be very good at taking care of players 'in house' as evidenced by the lack of complaints (few groups have as low a level of complaints as Nektan). I'm not certain that they will be cooperative when a complaint comes in that requires discourse, but to date we have not received a complaint that warranted contacting the license holder.

However, there are terms that I'm not fond of. A max win cap on non-progressive play. If you're a high roller you want to keep this in mind. A dormancy fee that charges 3x the industry average (don't leave your money in your account!!). I'd also point out that their bonuses - with a 4xb win cap - are terrible, hence the low scores they get in our reviews in the bonus section.



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May 22, 2012
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Pretty much echo what thePOGG says above. I dropped Nektan after the shabby way they treated the winner in this thread, compounded by a misspelt bullshit flyer they then sent (while they were busy trying to screw him) and posted on social media - it made them a laughing stock, with the stake wrong, the player from 'Yourshire UK' and was frankly comedic.

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I do recall through that they were one of the groups? the UKGC told not to ration out big wins and paid the player in one go - possibly as a result of the player in that thread reporting them to the UKGC.

So they pay within 2 working days and as said above are pretty safe and OK for players, few issues have ever arisen since the one I highlighted. It's worth reading the thread for a laugh if nothing else, and tell me how such an almighty cock-up of an Ad could ever have been released without getting someone who speaks English to check it lol..


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Sep 21, 2016
I have a dispute with Nektan and getting assistance from UKGC. I'll keep you posted. BTW - Nektan doensn't exist any more - new name - many listed email addresses not working. And the new owners not very responsive.. Also, anyone happen to have there UK address/

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