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Is it true that affiliates make 25%-50% off MY LOSSES?!!

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by A23456789TJQK, Jun 30, 2006.

    Jun 30, 2006
  1. A23456789TJQK

    A23456789TJQK Dormant account

    I thought they only make 10% or so, that'd be reasonable.
    But 25%-50%:eek: , wow....makes me feel sick knowing what could have been my rebates and comps went to somebody else for basically doing nothing or very little. Or by spamming me! Talking about unjust enrichment.:rolleyes:
  2. Jun 30, 2006
  3. 1819

    1819 Dormant account

    retired athlete
    dont know if any casino is gonna give away 50% of their bottom line.
  4. Jun 30, 2006
  5. phynqster

    phynqster Dormant account

    los angeles, ca
    Think about how the casino feels, taking all of the chance if you win, and don't get full credit if you lose. Also if you keep comming back it is because of what the casino is offering you in terms of service, payouts,bonus, setup, etc. And the affiliate owns you for life. If you stop playing at the casino, and two years from now the casino contacts you, and gets you to play again, the affiliate still gets their share.
  6. Jun 30, 2006
  7. dominique

    dominique Dormant account

    The Boonies
    Building a site with going on 3000 pages that need to be kept current and that provide info about just about every non blacklisted casino and every game in every software is doing nothing?

    Putting hundreds of articles about the different strategies in poker and other games online is nothing?

    I spend 10 hours a day to achieve this, and usually seven days a week. It took over 5 years of that to make my site what it is.

    And all of it is free to use for anyone.

    No one I know makes 50% or even remotely that, occasionally a brand new place tries to attract affiliates by offering some ungodly amount like that, for a very limited time.

    There are other forms of payment too, like a percentage of wager, or deposit, or a one time payment per player sent.

    For those who do choose percentage of losses, one decent winner will wipe out income for an entire month, and it happens frequently.

    On top of that, the statistics provided by the casinos are not audited by anyone and no one ever knows if they are being paid what they earned or not.

    Makes me sick someone would value my work so little...
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  8. Jun 30, 2006
  9. thetest32

    thetest32 Non-Gambler

    Remember though, if a player wins the aff. gets nothing. Similarly, wins / losses are summed. So:

    Player 1 = win $100
    Player 2 = lose $100

    Net gain for aff = $0.

    However, ultimately it means casinos get thousands of players for relatively small cost. And also remember that ultimately aff. programs means money for the casino. 30% of every $100 still manes the casino makes $70 per $100 for a player they wouldn't usually have acquired.

  10. Jun 30, 2006
  11. soflat

    soflat Senior Member

    If you don't like it, here are a few things you can do:
    1. Don't open spam.
    2. Don't use affiliate sites.
    3. Use your bonuses wisely and cashout when you are ahead.
    4. Reject any affiliate who says bonuses are bad.
    5. Don't lose.
  12. Jun 30, 2006
  13. liquidsoap

    liquidsoap Dormant account

    my self
    Dont respond to spam then. Its better that any affiliate get it then the greedy ass casinos right???
  14. Jul 1, 2006
  15. lydia

    lydia Dormant account

  16. Jul 1, 2006
  17. A23456789TJQK

    A23456789TJQK Dormant account

    The casinos themselves will update me, you are useless.
    They are available in the web, its not like you DERIVED yourself.:rolleyes: Anybody coulda gotten to those using Google just like you did.
    You spendin how much time is 100% irrelevant. I coulda spent my whole life pushing drugs or wiping my butt but will the time itself legitimizes my act and turn my act into something MEANINGFUL?:rolleyes:
    So you DO make 50%. The timeframe itself is irrelevant.

    Emmmmmmmm How frequent? Won't them casinos be outta business then?:lolup:

    Well with all due respect that's YOUR friggin problem ain't it? Has nothing to do with whether affiliates deserve 35% of my money.

    Makes me sick finding out people like you ACTUALLY THINK you deserve my hard earned money, and actually tries so hard to argue with these extremely poor defences, lol!

    But I stress it again, I am not totally dismissing what you do. If you make 10%, its ok, anything more than that you don't deserve it. My opinion.
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  18. Jul 1, 2006
  19. Simmo!

    Simmo! Moderator Staff Member

    Web Dev.
    Damn - I'm gonna lose all my friends now :D

    As an affiliate myself, I can't be 100% objective on this issue but I'd still like to have my say on the original topic.

    IMO it's up to the player to decide if an affiliate gives value. Yes it's the casino who takes the hit (they regard affiliate payments as a marketing cost) so it's down to the player to decide if they prefer the idea of any money they lose going to the casino or an affiliate. Before I was an affiliate, it never used to bother me providing I felt that the info an affiliate had given me was solid, honest and up-front.

    My take on it is this: if an affiliate provides useful information that a player cannot find out from the casino directly, or they get a useful honest review of a casino from an affiliate that helps them decide where/where not to play, then there's some value in that.

    Take Casinomeister for example - A23456789TJQK you spend a fair bit of time here and use the service Bryan provides, I therefore assume you find the site useful. Therefore isn't it fair that Bryan gets some reward for his efforts? Especially in light of the fact that it doesn't cost you anything.

    I don't dispute the fact that a lot of affiliates do not put as much effort into consideration of the player as they should, but those that do in my opinion are doing a useful job. In my opinion, players themselves make the most worthy affiliates. There are "good" affiliates and "bad" affiliates, just like there are "good" casinos and "bad" casinos, or "good" players and "bad" players. At the end of the day though, every individual has a choice (unless you live in Washington :D).

    10%, 25%, 50% or 100% - how do you put a value on information? If an affiliate prevents you from playing a rogue casino where you'd have lost hundreds of dollars, how do you value that? Not that you'll ever know of course ;)


    Last edited: Jul 1, 2006
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  20. Jul 1, 2006
  21. CasinoForumu

    CasinoForumu Dormant account

    Ok,A23456789TJQK, I will get %85 from your losses and please pay me extra $20 each time when you visit my site.
  22. Jul 1, 2006
  23. cheekymonkey

    cheekymonkey Dormant account

    Back at my mums
    I understand where you are coming from A23456789TJQK.

    But this happens in all trades of life.

    When you book your ticket with your travel agent, they can make anything from 5% - 400% commission on your ticket.

    When you take out your home insurance, your broker will take around 30% commission, maybe less maybe more.

    When you buy your lottery ticket, the retailer receives a commission.

    All these cases have one thing in common. A service is provided. That is basically what the affiliates do - offer a service. A service that you probably would not get, by dealing direct with the casino itself. You can find out who is safe and who isn't, who they are owned by etc etc.

    And (sorry affiliates) you can always go DIRECT to the site, once you have read all the reviews from various sites. (Although, I think once you have visited a recommended site from an affiliate and then you still join the casino by directly going to the site, the affiliate will still receive their commission).

    Anyway, try not to get too worked up about it. :thumbsup:
  24. Jul 1, 2006
  25. Vesuvio

    Vesuvio Dormant account

    I don't think I've ever joined a casino through an affiliate link (it's not really a vocation I'd choose to encourage - and you can always go direct to the website), though I've toyed with the idea of suggesting a whole forum load of bonus hunters signing up through the odd player-unfriendly affiliate. You have been warned :p

    One option to consider is joining up through sites which give you back a percentage of the commision they get from you - searching for various letters of the alphabet followed by "points" would get you to one or two of those ;)
  26. Jul 1, 2006
  27. dominique

    dominique Dormant account

    The Boonies
    You are talking about cookies.

    They get deleted and eliminated by adware removers and overwritten and expire etc.


    I help people find casinos that won't cheat them, pick the type bonus they like and learn how to play smart.

    Almost all the work I do is a public service and I don't deserve to be slammed for it.

    I am not sure what percentage thanks Bryan for his hard work by clicking his links, but I bet it's some ridiculous percentage also.


    The casino pays out of their advertising budget. If the casino doesn't pay Bryan or me or some other site that provides a good service for you, they pay for other types of advertising, such as spam mail with the money.

    It's a budget for them, advertising, and they always spend it. You can decide whether you want spam mail or whether you want decent resources available online.
  28. Jul 1, 2006
  29. rowmare

    rowmare Dormant account

    Webmeister and mom.
    Vancouver Island
    I'd just like to make a post to show that we webmasters aren't just greedy, faceless entities. Well...not all of us. So here's my condensed story.

    I've been doing gambling sites for just under 3 years now. 3.5 years ago, I left a BAD marriage in U.S. and returned to canada with a 7 month old baby girl. I was 43 at the time, and had nothing to my name but what I could fit in my car for the trip up. :eek:

    I worked at technical support (msn dial-up) until I couldn't take it anymore, then I quit and started cleaning houses to earn a living. While I was cleaning houses, I built a website. Didn't know a dang thing about html or SEO, but I learned as I went along. :eek2:

    I thank my lucky stars every day that I seemed to have a knack for it, because now I can stay at home with my little girl, and be here to support my mom who is a caregiver to my 81 year old father. :D

    I sponsor a mother in Kosovo via this organization: You must register/login in order to see the link. monthly, and participate in local charities. Things like this are made possible via my websites.

    We webmasters aren't all nameless scraper sites. All the webmasters that I consider my friends are good, honest family people who happen to earn a living on the internet. Without it, I don't know what I would do, since I live in a tourist area and need to stay here to support my parents, and there just aren't any jobs here that pay enough to live on, housecleaning excluded.

    I answer every email I get from site visitors and have helped unlock a few accounts. By clicking on affiliate links on reputable portals rather than going direct, you get our assistance should anything go awry.

    And, like cheekymonkey said, there's a trickle down economy in almost every business. Might as well let it trickle down and benefit from our relationships with the casinos and their managers. That costs you nothing at all. :)
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  30. Jul 1, 2006
  31. TheBloke

    TheBloke Dormant account

    Database programmer
    You may be shocked to hear this, but did you know that when you buy a can of Coke from a shop, some of the revenue goes to the shop and not all to Coca Cola!? Shocking I know - some of your hard earned money going to someone who did nothing but provide you a way of choosing which can you wanted and allowing you to buy it! :what: Seriously, I don't know what the world is coming to.

    By the way, I hope you've never clicked on any of Casinomeister's banners or Accredited List links - if so, CM is scamming you out of 25-35% of your losses! The nerve.

    Finally, you're a moron.
  32. Jul 1, 2006
  33. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    Just a quick admin note that a majority of the casinos that are listed here DO NOT have affiliate links. These are media buys which differ from affiliate agreements. In other words, I don't get a cut of your losses - so whether you win or lose, it don't matter to me.

    So go on, go kick some casino ass! :thumbsup:
  34. Jul 1, 2006
  35. dominique

    dominique Dormant account

    The Boonies
    BTW, I always use Bryan's links.

    I appreciate the hospitality and want to make sure it will be here tomorrow and next year.
  36. Jul 1, 2006
  37. dominique

    dominique Dormant account

    The Boonies
    If anyone takes even one paragraph of my writing on my website which is copyrighted I will be on them like hell. It's my work, and it's copyrighted.

    It's available on google because I and people like me put it there for people like you to read.

    When you take in 100,000 a month like a casino, and somene wins 10,000, its nothing. When you take in 100 a month, and someone wins 10,000 of which you are to absorb 25%, you are f^cked for months and months and months.

    No one ever gets any of your money but the casino. They then make the decision as to whether they buy spam, scraper ads or pay to keep the info online that you can so conveniently find for free on google. Someone put it there, you know.

    Defenses? What am I defending here? I am damn proud of my work!

    You are entitled to your opinion.

    I figure I am entitled to make a living for the work I do.
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  38. Jul 1, 2006
  39. jenn1381

    jenn1381 Meister Member

    Data Management Assistant - Health unit
    Who cares how much affiliates make or don't make? You CHOOSE to use them or to go to the site directly. It's none of your damn buisness how much they make. If you don't like someone (who provided you a service, whether you see it that way or not... if it's not a service, stay off their websites) collecting money from your losses then don't use their banners and links. It's as friggin easy as that. Just as has been said time and time again... No matter what you buy, the store gets commission... No matter where you go, the money you are spending is NOT all going to where you think it is. Get over it. It's the way of the world.

    Now, let's all go find something more important to argue about.
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