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Mar 14, 2006

Im new to the online world of casino..I like Dueces wild bonus video poker where you can double your winnings for high card..

Anyways I deposit money at a casino I wont mention the name.I make my deposit after playing the free no deposit chip and played around with the free money..what i would do is download casino software looking for dueces wild video poker where you can double winings for high card..

25 cent and sometimes the dollar if im ahead..I would usually try and build winnings with the doubleing option..this casino had the option unless you played 3 or 10 or 52 hands ect..i played around with the free money playing video dueces wild for most of the day then I made deposit..

via western union when i get back from the western union open the casino and i noticed it took a little while longer loading the lobby then messgae box poped up and said there is a new update for ther casino lobby would you like to download i clicked yes the message box poped up again and said lobby has been updated..

I went to live chat gave them the mtcn # from western unioun
got the big bonus and away i went to play..I get to the deuces wild bonus game that i like went to the 25 cent 1 hand got three of a kind i think anyways the option to double winings wasnt there..I checked the other deuces wild to see if maybe i had chose the wrong one and none of them had the double your winings for high card option..i checked options to see if maybe it was something i had to enable..nothing there..

anyways looked at all the video pokers and nothing then i happened to try the nickle to see and low and behold there was the option I loved to play..but its only when you play the nickle..

but when i Played my free real money no deposit chip and free money I was able to play with quarters and dollars but now after i made my first deposit the option is only on nickles..i went to live chat and asked the live person about it and explained how i got the new update for lobby and if it was possible that they could of changed it..she said that the software guys had just left for home and wouldnt be back until the next day...then i asked if it was possible that they changed it and thats what the new update was..

she had to ask the supervisor which was on the phone and she came back and told me that there was no update today and then i went on to explain how the option i like can only be played with 5 cent game and not the 25 cent or the dollar ect..then she said to wait and she would ask about it..and when she came back she told me that it has always been that way as long as she has been there and nothing had been changed in the casin...

my question is it possible for the casino to watch me play the games in real and free money and is it possible for them to change the way the games are played at any givin moment?

like taking away the option of doubling your winings for high card and only maki9ng it available on the 5 cent machines?

I know i woulndt have made the first deposit if i cant play my game.
Unless you post the casino, it's like asking support for help without giving your player ID. Though from what you've posted I'm surmising it sounds like an RTG or Playtech Casino?

Not sure if they change what your talking about, though I know RTG can increase accepted bet stakes on request from high rollers.

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