Is it only me?


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Oct 6, 2009
1.) Love the tone of this place - feels friendly unless you transgress (and that is just fine!)

2.) Adore the sarcasm and wit from the Meister

3.) However, I am having trouble understanding where I can find if my questions have already been answered. I am a Mac user and hope to find others who can suggest where I can play that is safe, but I have no way of figuring out how to navigate the threads other than scrolling through everything. Perhaps some better nomenclature or grouping - I don't want to wade through people's recipes.

This problem might be attributable to my advanced age and lack of familiarity with the forum process and posting, but I would hate to think you were guilty of age-ism!


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Jun 30, 1998
Ageism? There's lots of old people 'round'd be surprised.

As for searching for MAC - that may be difficult since MAC is only three letters and search expressions need to be a minimum of four. I'll add it to the list of added terms to see if this makes a difference. I know there have been some threads pertaining to this.

Or when in doubt, choose a forum and post a new thread. If it's in the wrong place, we'll let you know :p


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Jan 21, 2009
somewhere else
Hi jojo!

You may follow me friend. I never know where I am going or even where I've been but it's always interesting and never time wasted. :rolleyes: