Is it just me?


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Dec 26, 2007
Is it just me? Every time I have a withdrawal from Clubworld Casinos I have a delayed payment. Either delayed in approval or delayed in processing. Again I have been waiting for my paymycard since Monday. Now I get message that oh, processor had a problem uploading, hopefully, you should have it by Tuesday. This is ridiculous, no matter what method I try nothing is processed in a timely manner. Once to processor should be 3 days at the most. I notice that there is no problem with them getting the funds OUT of my account, just putting it back in. They have taken out my deposits that I have made since the withdrawal, but my withdrawal is still not there. Funny how that works. Very disgusted. I guess their processor just keeps the funds till the feel like sending because of course there is no accountability, I just have to wait and get nothing for that either. Would try the okpay but sounds like the other wallets and expensive to fund it. so guess time to say adios until someone can figure out how to pay me. If someone can tell me good RTG that pays when they say and allows more than one account in household. My sister lives with me now and most places won't allow multiple accounts from IP address so that says only one of us can play at each casino, so let me know if anyone can help. Thanks


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Aug 26, 2010
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I feel for you! I haven't been playing with that group for quite a while because of their banking practices............. They haven't missed me yet......... I guess.

Good luck and patience...... I know, that's hard to do.


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Feb 24, 2009
well 2 things

1.I have to at least defend Club World my payout of the 23rd of Oct that was rec'd finally 2 days ago, was the processor's fault. The date on it had the 23rd of October, so I can say that when Club World tells you it is on it's way, they are Telling the truth!!!!

2, I played at Slotocash today on a freechip, that I rec'd for depositing the night before and was able to cashout $250, and it was in my account within minutes after I requested it, almost instant.

Just be patient, believe me, it is so hard, I feel for you, but when Club World tell's you something they are telling the truth, and not making excuses.


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Aug 11, 2012
In the past, I almost always had to go in live-chat and "remind them" that my pending withdrawal should have been processed, but lately there has been no problems at alle, they are processed around the 48hour mark, even if I have multiple witdrawals, or withdrawals that requires bonus-removal.

For processor issues I have only ever had one, and they requested that I change the method to neteller, and once I did that, it was in my account within an hour!