Is it just me or this is a very misleading promotion?


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Jan 28, 2011
There is a promotion at Casino Rewards, I copy-paste it below:

What is the $10 Million Dollar Giveaway?
By popular demand, Casino Rewards is bringing back its biggest promotion EVER!
....and you're already a part of it!
We had so much fun and made so many happy winners last time around that we decided to bring back the excitement of the $10 Million Giveaway! This means that alongside all the great bonuses you will be receiving over the next 10 weeks, Casino Rewards is giving you the chance to win EVEN MORE!
Our thermometer is a count of all the money being given away to our players every minute of every day. Help us once again to make this hit $10 million! All you have to do to help us give away a MASSIVE $10 Million is to play with Casino Rewards.
Every $50 deposited = 1 ticket into the draw to win your share of our Progressive Jackpot.
How do I increase my share?
For the next 10 weeks, Casino Rewards is pooling a percentage of all deposits into a Massive Progressive Draw, giving ALL players the chance to win some BIG money every week!
Every US$50 spent at any Casino Rewards casino will result in 1 ticket in the draw - so the more you play, the higher your chances of winning! Watch as our Payout Thermometer rises every day until we've given out the whole $10 million!
Remember: Everyone is guaranteed to win something!

I participated the last time, made a deposit of 50 and they gave me 1 ticket into the draw. I asked what I won from the draw and they said "Nothing". "But the promotion says Everyone is guaranteed to win something " I asked. Their answer: "You won the ticket"!

Is it just me or this is a very misleading promotion?
"But the promotion says Everyone is guaranteed to win something " I asked. Their answer: "You won the ticket"!


Well, it looks like they want the players to make more than one $50 deposit. So, the more you deposit the more tickets you will receive and the more chances you will have of winning something. Your chances of winning something with just 1 ticket are probably 1:1,000,000,000,000 odds. It's a lure to draw players into depositing more.

A few years ago Intertops (when they were MG) had a promo where you went on a scavenger hunt type thing. You got certain amount of points for each deposit made and then a certain amount of points for how much money was played. If you finished the game in the allotted time you received X amount of comps.

It's an incentive promo to keep you depositing in hopes you'll win their grand prize. Different casinos have done this. It just sucks sometimes when you expect you are going to receive a monetary gift, only to find out you have received a bogus "ticket" for your troubles. Although, perhaps, if you had made more than 1 deposit, they may have given you a small freebie(?) for participating...
It includes ALL bonuses given out during the period, not just the draw prizes. The guarantee is down to the fact that this promo operates in conjunction with the usual weekly offer. These offers apply to deposits from $100, sometimes $50. The bonus given for the deposit is considered as something won from this promotion, thus the "guarantee" element.
The draw produces many small prizes, and these can add up. Since a percentage of all deposits goes into the total prize pool, this will be the average percentage bonus granted for the deposits, but this will be on top of any other bonus granted.

The quoted $10M can be exceeded if more deposits are made by players, and the last time this ran they gave away over $12M.

High rollers will get many more tickets, and thus the variance in terms of bonuses awarded will be lower.

The best way to approach this is to deposit to "max out" all the weekly offers, the weekend offers, and then hope that you get a set of lucky tickets.

Of course, none of this is worth bothering with if your rewards account has been locked:rolleyes:
Me personally, I don't bother about 1% - 30% bonus with x30 - x3000 play through requirements. I won't even read them. I will deposit only if I want to play. If from time to time I find a few bonus chips in my account, fine. It is not - usually - a problem.

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