is grand prive about to fold ?


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Feb 4, 2005
boro, uk
if anyone has been dealing with this group recently you will know that there is worrying signs from this lot.

to me there has always been trouble at this group since just before the launch of roadhouse reels, it was so bad that i even posted a "roadhouse reels complaints" thread in the other forum before they even got off the ground because i envisaged the trouble that was going to come from them.

as we all knew they messed about with the deposing options, i.e neteller and banning credit cards + debit cards, i was asked by CM why did i play them if they gave me so much trouble, the reason was because of all the MG's they were simply the best for paying. their payout system worked like clockwork for instance many times i played by credit card i would get my cheque the next day after my WD came out of pending mode.

however recently things havn't run so smoothly, first of all i make neteller deposits and get paid by cheque, then i pay by CC and get paid back to neteller, this tells me that they are running alternatively out of funds in their own neteller accounts and proc-cyber accounts.

they launch road house reels with a 1,000 bonus!, this smells too much likes the captain cooks lot when they came up with casino classic and its 300% BJ bonus.

now we have the denial of bonus situation which is roaring in the complaints section and the banning of UK customers.

which i should mention is typical of the reason why this group is trouble, UK customers are not the cause of your problems, if you have been hit by a load of whores then wake up and smell the coffee whores from around the world always choose GBP because its gives them a greater bonus, so dont look at the accounts and say that GBP are losers overall so ban them, look at the F@@KING reasons behind it or are you so incompent idiots that you deserve to be in trouble.
I don't know their financial situation but in the last 3 days I've cashed out $5300 and except for the $700 I cashed out last night I've been paid with no issues. They also always pay me to Neteller never a check.
My favourite casino group, have had several cash ins without any problems at all. Had two cash ins with Roadhouse, one with Bella Vegas and one with Lake Palace in the last six weeks and all paid into my bank account without any probs. Never had a concern with them the bonuses are always honored and their support is also a ok with me.
I too have never had a problem cashing out and the funds were in my neteller account within 24 hours and it was well over $2000 on an initial $100 deposit twice.

I have been very pleased since I just signed up there and only invested a total of $300 (3 visits) before cashing out with no questions asked.:thumbsup:
I have to concur, I have always been paid on time and whatever method I have requested, however just like BelleRock I believe when you grow your service goes down and I believe Grand Prive's service is defintely lacking these days. I left BR because of it so hopefully they get it together because overall I trust these guys.
I have closed all my accounts now because of the lack of customer support. It should not take 10 days for a Neteller withdrawl to go through and I was really disappointed when they didn't return my e-mailsas this was never a problem before. Its funny they had no trouble responding to all my e-mails when I asked to close my accounts though The problem with the bonuses was never an issue for me at all because they always honored them but there was clearly problems for other people and was definately a sign of trouble for me.

When Road House Reels opened that is when I began to have problems with this group. I actually feel sad that I had to close my accounts because this was the one Casino Group I could actually win at and prior to this I praised their CS, but I no longer trust them and that is why I closed all accounts.

I agree with you that everything went south with the opening of Road House Reels and I began to think that maybe the group was in trouble. I will say that upon closing my accounts that I received an e-mail from CS stating that is was managemnt making the decisions and this particular CS was concerned as well as to what was going on.:confused:

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