Is goldkey casino reliable?


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Feb 22, 2003
I had a dispute with goldkey casino and I had pitched a bitch.
Goldkey casino used to be an IGM casino before they switched to RTG recently. From my experience, IGM casinos always pay so I gave goldkey casino a go even after they switched software provider. I havn't heard any complaints related to this casino group, period.
Now the bad news, some people sense they are related to window casino group! :eek2:
What's my odds of getting my money? Did anyone else have any recent experience with them?
I played at Goldkey and Windows Casino several times and I never had any problems with them. (Although Im now excluded from taking part in promotions at Windowscasino - who cares...)
Goldkey stinks big time!
They most definetely are related to Windows and it is a PAIN to deal with them once you are a "bad customer" in their opinion.

Just play Slots and you will be well off! -Hopefully.....
Actually, it's hardly a dispute. They just don't process my withdrawal request without any reason.
I was given different excuses when I contact them. They have denied my withdrawal requests a few times already.
I only play VP and BJ. I don't think it's the type of games you play, it's how much you win that really pissed them off. I've won and lost small amount before and I never had any problem. This time I was lucky to score a little bit more and got screwed. :(
Now my only hope is casino meister's influence. :notworthy
well I wouldnt deposit large amounts, neither. But as long as it is about amounts from 50 to 100$ it shouldnt be so dramatic - considering their great weekly promos and the fact that they have paid me out about 6-7 times now (Windows+Goldkey).
I finally got some response from them.
"We will foward your case to the banking department."
It's not much but it's something.
Meanwhile, they denied my withdrawal request again.
Casinomeister, have you recieved my complain yet?
They almost certainly became part of the Windows group when they moved to RTG - which means they require several forms of ID and some sort of form filling before they'll process your withdrawal.

hhcfreebie - if you haven't sent all this back they'll keep refusing your cashin. The forms on their banking page somewhere if you need it.

I've always found from the Windows group that they do pay you - but it always takes a while, and they quickly ban you from receiving promotions if you do well.
They've never requested any ID/documents from me before because I deposited via Neteller. Maybe they have changed their policy now.
I'll look into their webpage and see what kinda of documents do they need.
Thanks for the heads up.
They've conveniently never told me this either - until after about my 10th email and third refused cashin.

They'll normally pay you back $100 or less without this - but if you get into the overall profit area they'll suddenly become less nice.
Yesterday they denied my withdrawal request again without any explaination. My emails went unanswered. I have provided them my ID and utility bill, what else do they want? Their fax back form is for credit card only and I deposit via Neteller, I don't see any reason to fax back that form to them.
I am glad casinomeister is back. Dude, if you have time would you please push them a little bit? :notworthy
hhcfreebie said:
I am glad casinomeister is back. Dude, if you have time would you please push them a little bit? :notworthy

I can't promise anything because these people don't like me too much :(

But I'll give it a shot when I tackle the "Pitch a Bitches"
No matter what's the outcome. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Is goldkey casino really part of the window casino group?
Another week went by.
2 more of my cashin request were denied and all my emails are ignored.
It doesn't look good.
Casino meister, have you heard anything from them?
I played at Gold Key about 10 days ago. They've been very polite to me -- and they have answered all my emails very quickly. I did only win around $40 on top of my deposit.

You do not require ID if your cashout is under $200. However, you are only entitled to one free cashout per calender month - after that they charge $15. This is from memory when I read their site last week.

I am glad to know about your experience, and I will be careful. I like RTG software because I like Caribbean 21, but it seems hard to find a good RTG casino.
After referring them to this thread, I finally got their attention. I guess casino meister's name along really strikes fear to their little heart. :p
My cashin is $330, they never mentioned that they need any documents. I sent my scanned driver license/utility bill to them weeks ago anyway. Now they said somehow they lost the douments. It's fine and dandy then, I'll just send my documents again.
They also mentioned that they will process my cashin during the weekend. It seems I might really get paid! :thumbsup:
Is it time to check meister's want list? We shall see. ;)
Well, the $330 is finally in my Neteller account.
I'd like to thank everyone for their support.
We all make mistakes here and there. They process my cashin in a timely manner a few times. I thought they were okay. Maybe this unfortunate event is just a lack of communication or misunderstanding.
At least it's a happy ending. :)
I almost forgot. How can I use the wish list to buy a gift for the meister?
I'd like to spread my joy around. :thumbsup:
Good question...check the bottom corner of his reply, click on "wish list". I think you have to have an amazon account to buy him a gift. I'm fairly certian it goes right to his home. I will (hopefully) by buying him a thank you gift shortly as well. Word of advice however, you might want to shy away from the casino you had trouble with. I have been following your thread, and it seems like a way to pass time for some bored managers, to jerk people around. IMO they probably have a little office pool going to see who they can shake down for their winnings. I wonder if they have the casinomeister figured in as a wild card????Hmmmmmmmmm........ :confused:

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