Is Goldenreefcasino bonus just a trap ?


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Mar 17, 2004
Something strange happened to me today at goldenreefcasino. May be somebody will be able to explain me something.

I registered in Goldenreefcasıno hoping to receive their 100% bonus. I deposited USD 100 to my account and was informed that -bonus account- was created for me. Ok ,i already met that kind of accounts at CaptainCook so i saw nothing wrong with it. I played my 100 dol. in my real account and lost all of it. Then i went on playing to my bonus account. After reachin necessary req. i was 460 USD (bonus ıtself was 100 USD) and was planning to cash in. And transfering my money to real account i was shocked to see that only 6.5 dollars were available for me to wıthdraw. So i contacted casinos help and they refered me to the next excerpt from their terms:

----Any amounts placed in the Bonus Account for the Player is required to be played. A percentage of each amount bet is set aside to be transferred to the Players Real Account. The funds that have been transferred will then be subject to a Wagering requirement. Any Amounts not bet will not be eligible for transfer to the Players Real Account.

The rate at which bonus funds will be available to transfer is determined by the Casino Operator. The Casino Operator may change the rate at which funds will be available to transfer at anytime without notification. Different Games can have different turnover requirements due to the expected different holds by each game.----

Offcourse that was my mistake not reading and fully understanding that 'rules'. But how can that be and how can one imagine that his wiinings will be transfered to real money at about 1.5% rate? How could i imagine that after i won 460 USD i will receive only 6.5 USD from it? Does that sound normal? Rational?

Here is my point- AVOID THIS CASINO and its 'bonus system' at any cost. They are just cheating and are doing it in a very stupid and dirty way!
Yes it's a trap, a scam or whatever you'd like to name it.
These casinos are on my rogue list.
Agreed with hhcfreebie this casino group tries to decieve the player into thinking that they are giving you an incentive to play at their casinos when in fact what they give you is fake money chips that they will turn into real money at the managers discretion. Stay away from any casino offering this type of bonus.

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