Is first live for real?

you know why they are doing this dont you

anyone with half a brain is disputing their credit card transactions with them
as they are crooks and rather thick it has dawned on them that they are not scamming as much as they could be so if you sign and send them a fax confirming your charges you can not later dispute them
this thing sucks, it won't let me play. i reenter everything it says my c.c. is being used.
my password doesn't work and they're probably stealing my money.
So why would you even give them your credit card number? Yes, they are stealing your money
basher you must be a sad bast**d it would appear that 712pm and 719pm are too short a while for the posts to be made by 2 different people
i can answer that. we were all pretty sane until some lowlife island rat who is too stupid to even understand the number started posting here. the idea that this blunderhead might even have a few creditcard numbers has driven the lot of us completely MAD!

Hey, do you need some drawings to get it...??

Draw some stick people logging on...logging off...back on as someone change in the middle of it all...

Ah, now he gets it...just needed the hieroglyphics
as he isn't real bright.

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