Is Crazy Vegas Casino Crazy?????


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Dec 12, 2002
I just got a call this morning from Crazy Vegas Casino. They said that they wanted to know how I wanted to be paid for my $100 cashin.


It seems 4 months ago I did a cashin with them and they have been holding it for my payment option. How I forgot $100 I dunno. (I'll make a note somewhere to keep better records.)

I tried to explain to him that the fox doesn't hunt the dogs. I am supposed to be chasing after YOU for my money.

With all the Tomfoolery that goes on, it is great to know there are honest casinos out there that make sure players are paid.
Cool story, Bighawk - and kudos to Crazy Vegas. BTW I thought your advice to VideoPokerFool on that other thread today was sound.
I just came accross a casino I have never played at before and it is not listed under the bad casinos or the good ones here, so I was woundering if any one knew any thing about this casino?
Its name is: Lobby Casino and it said it is owned by : Gold Casino Group and its software is: soft games
TY jetset, life would be so much easier if everybody would just do the right thing.

If my son tried to steal anything from me I would turn his ass in so quick it would take the rest of his body two weeks to find it!

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