Is Casino-On-Net really doing MLM?

mary said:
If the Kings of Pop-Ups are really going MLM, I'm going to just slit my throat now. The horror, the horror.

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I think they're going to slit their own throat if this is true. What gambler would trust a company that stoops low enough to use MLM as an advertising tool?
Doesn't ( do the same thing? Seems like they are a follower to me.
mary said:
If the Kings of Pop-Ups are really going MLM, I'm going to just slit my throat now. The horror, the horror.

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Hmm doesnt look good does it. Took me a while to figure it out but it's definately MLM. Whether its actually 888 behind it though, i cant be clear. Could it be some dodgy 888 affiliate set it up and uses their commission to support this scheme?
Believe it, is a pyramid scheme, with Casino on Net on top, the guy who runs it second, and everyone else below. The top has already made their killing, the bottom is scrambling to sign up all their mothers, aunts, friends and whoever they can talk into doing them a favor.

How shoddy can you get.


An excellent post at CAP from bewise:

The real winner here is undoubtably the press coverage that they have received from this has been immense coupled with 70,000 people hyping it up means they have done wonders to promote 888 and make people more aware of their brand. At the end of the day it is just another (albeit clever one) way to promote the brand as a safe reputable online casino. I have read all the posts about the opportunity and it makes me laugh, you can tell straight away who has paid the $25 to register, they spurt the same lines " is not a pyramid, they have a tangible product....... i am making 6 figure incomes from this etc". The revenue model is fundemantally floored in that there simply are not enough quality casino players out there. Its great that so many people have signed up, but there are only a finite amount of friends, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, grandmothers, grandads, work collegues to recruit. Those who are involved with this will know exactly what i mean. And im sure i will get a post back telling me that they have retired from this, but for every one of you there are 10,000 others aspiring to be in your position. In all honesty you are unlikely to make your millions from partaking in this scheme, but Peter Powderham will buy you a drink and tell you can make a fortune doing it rest assured, after all he did.

If this is judged to be a Pyramid scheme, are screwed!!!
Such schemes are now ILLEGAL in the UK due to past scams, and are listed here on the stockmarket's AIM list.
Hardly surprising they endeavor to promote the impression it is NOT a pyramid scheme. Until this is officially judged to be pyramid selling/marketing, what they are doing is perfectly legal.

Here in the UK we have enough "awareness" of this brand as it is. You can't even have a pee on the motoway without staring at the advert complete with tear off reference cards. This INCLUDES CHILDREN - how ethical is it to place such material where CHILDREN are advertised to as indiscriminately as adults. Their TV banners (mainly sponsorship) are restricted till after around 9pm, and during programming aimed mainly at adults.
Now it's Vegaswebgaming we have to "Pee at" on the motorways!

I would suggest an alternative promotion for; Place the poster ads on the rear of the cubicle doors, so we have something to read, and make the tear off reference cards much larger, and softer - just in case:D

This is one case of a casino that really does "Take the piss":) is an MLM for certain, but they are very careful to defend the fact that it isn't a Pyramid Scheme, which of course is illegal (at least in the U.S.) So, they have come up with an MLM scheme that relies on players recruiting other players to participate as "marketing" partners and share in some future riches. To be sure as with any MLM the people at the top will do well, the people at the bottom will pay their bit to get in and fund the MLM, and most will fall by the wayside leaving the hard working people in the middle wondering what happened to the dreams of riches.
This should be in the main forum. CON running pyramid schemes is not insignificant news.
Any Luck

Has Anyone had any good luck with or is it just a waste of time to try to promote rather than just stick it out with So far Im satisfied with
I wouldn't even suggest people trying it... I have heard a bunch about this 'business' and it reminds me so much of the Amway days. Same thing. Sign up a bunch of people and get downstream money.

If you aren't pushing the streets 10 hours a day... and if you NEVER become a public speaker for the MLM company.. you will NEVER make the $$ they say you can make.

Same ol'.... Same ol'


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