Is Casino Fortune Stretching the Truth?


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Jun 30, 1998
Some of you may have read the most recent press release from the Sunny Group that dealt with their "Casino Fortune" name being used for some Oregon lottery. They are basically gloating over the traffic that they have received over the mix-up.

But Sunny's spokesman went on to say the following:

Were a very established and well-respected Internet casino. Almost 2 million Americans gamble with us. Were the largest casino, with regards to American clientele, third-largest in the world.

I was a bit surprised that Sunny was so popular (3rd Largest?) so I did a bit of checking at Metrics Market
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which can give you a ball-park figure on the size of a site's traffic. This is some of the same information that Infopowa News came up with in the report.

I checked a few casino sites and portals at random to get an idea where Casino Fortune might be placed. Here are the results (casino-on-net)
Estimated 5,970,800 visitor sessions in the last 30 days
Estimated 2,946,600 visitor sessions in the last 30 days.

Estimated 1,081,800 visitor sessions in the last 30 days.

Estimated 893,100 visitor sessions in the last 30 days
Estimated 592,200 visitor sessions in the last 30 days
Estimated 571,300 visitor sessions in the last 30 days.

Casinomeister: :D
Estimated 379,500 visitor sessions in the last 30 days

Casinofortune: :what:
Estimated 102,700 visitor sessions in the last 30 days

Now I understand that this does not reflect the number of players that might download the software and make a purchase when visiting the casino webpages, but has nearly 60x their traffic, Party Poker 30x, etc.

I have also checked out Alexa and it seems to give the same sort of figures.

I have a feeling that Sunny may be stretching the truth a little. I've emailed their spokeman to see if he can give me an insight on what he based his staement. If I have missed something - I'd like to know what it is so I don't feel stupid. But if they are BSing the online community with a bogus claim, then they should be spanked.
They keep sending me e-mails about this (maybe 6 or 7 - can't count them as they're deleted as soon as they arrive) - ok, I'm signed up with Casino Fortune & Casino Fortune UK, but it's annoying. Why on earth would a present player want an e-mail just informing them of some confusion that resulted in a little extra money for the casino? Presumably the players who get the e-mail and signed up after getting the scratch card feel a bit stupid? Or, being Americans, perhaps they can sue Casino Fortune for willingly taking advantage of the confusion? :D Only joking (but it's a nice thought)...
That's a cool website, I wonder how accurate it is. 102,700 visitors for the last 30 days would not exactly prove how many paid players they have, but it does give an idea of the amount of people visiting. Compared to, even if they got a 2% sign up rate on the traffic, I don't think they would have then numbers to be anywhere near the top three largest casino groups.
The only way that I could see Casino Fortune garnering that amount of traffic would be totally due to the piece that was aired on CNN a couple of months ago. That type of exposure has a tendency to rapidly diminish.

I'd hav't to pretty much consider it a "flash in the pan" or so to speak and not something that would be of any substance. Have a good one.

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