Is Casino extreme out of business?

Hi All,

They are in the process of relaunching their site (be up within the hour). I had no problem with their reponse time for email; they wrote back within a half hour. I'd suggest to try again!


Casino Extreme Stole $1900 From Me...
Posted By: Captain Jack on 19 June 01, 10:00 a.m. in response to: (Anon32)

I want everyone to know that I do believe Casino Extreme is a crooked casino. I know they are on OPA's Recommended List...however, I have had an ongoing incident with them for over 6 weeks now and have not received any resolution or even a professional reply to my e-mail inquiries.

Here are the facts...
- I had a $1900 balance after a $1500 deposit and subsequent $400 win. I had already wagered more than $12000 and intended to wager more. This is not a case of bonus abuse.

- A few days later I logged in to find my account at $1. I e-mailed response. I e-mailed the response. I e-mailed every e-mail address I could find on their response. I would have called...but they don't list any contact phone numbers.

- Finally, after 2 weeks of no response, I contacted the OPA (#793) and filed a complaint. After they received OPA's e-mail, they replied that they were going to ask RTG about it. That's the last I've heard.

- Those of you who are members of OPA or visit OPA's website might notice something strange about Casino Extreme's entry on the recommendation has a referral link. This means that OPA gets a kickback of any person they send to Casino fact, according to Casino Extreme's website, they get 50% of all losses that player accrues. This might be why OPA has never posted my complaint on and why OPA has also gone silent on me, not replying to any of my e-mails.

- Is OPA a shill for Casino Extreme? I'm not going to make an accusation...but so far their actions have done nothing to disprove that.

- I have requested from Casino Extreme a detailed list of all activities on my account. I have only ever logged into their casino with one IP if they want to claim that I played my account down to $1, they will have to provide an IP address and date/time stamp.

- 6 weeks is not a long time when dealing with some of these casinos, however, 6 weeks of not replying to my constant e-mails is downright shady.

I believe I have a reputable name here on BJ21, and other gaming forums. I've had disputes with online casinos in the past and would rank these guys right up there with Tropika in terms of dodging players.

I would strongly warn against risking your money with Casino Extreme.
That complaint by Captain Jack above seems to be the tip of the iceberg regarding RTG casinos. I think RTG charges little to licensees for the software. A lot of the new ones advertise everywhere but I think most are underfunded. How else do you explain most taking weeks to pay? I don't think many will last long
Your about a stupid shit arent you? Every casino, Extreme, Stanley, prestige, world wide vegas all have unique tracking numbers for the OPA.

A shill? [color=ff0000]••••[/color] you

Oh and bright boy. We do not get one dime for any action brought by the OPA to this casino. Not one dime.

And we do not post any OPA casino complaint.

Your complaint is cancelled pal. I dont need grief from some shithead like you.
I'd just like to add that I think the ones that advertise a lot are not necessarily any better. They still take weeks to send winnings!

I honestly can't think of one RTG casino that I would recommend.
You know just because we cant solve a problem you start crying. YOu know what? Solve it yourself.

What do you want us to do? When the manager tells ME THAT SOMETHING IS VERY STRANGE ABOUT YOUR PLAY AND HAS REQUESTED AN AUDIT. WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO? I told you what they said.

I will not do anything further concerning this complaint. If you had a problem with how the OPA was handling it you could have emailed me. NO instead you decided to act like I get some kickback on the players at casino extreme.

Somehow bringing the integrity of myself and OPA into question because they want to audit your account. That is somehow our or my fault?

Yeah right.
I think you need to find out what happened now regarding his complaint, especially as it's an OPA casino. It's quite serious if his account balance changed like that.
You know what if xxx would have asked me to follow up on it I would have no problem. The Manager said there was something very strange about him or his play. He said he requested an audit and would contact the player to resolve.

I had no idea it was not resolved. Now. I dont give a shit.
I just searched for emails from you since you claim I have not responded. I have found none. does not mean you did not send them though I guess.

Anyway I have sent a follow up letter to casino extreme about xxx's complaint.

I will post it here when I receive it. I am doing this because I believe that casino extreme does pay their winners. If that is not the case then I want to know.
I have chosen to reply to Steve via e-mail as I believe discussing this in a public forum at this time only creates more flames...

Although I never intended my post to to be duplicated here, Sirius's concerns are valid.
Maybe you should have emailed Steve with your hassle BEFORE you posted on a message board in order to check what the standing of your complaint was.

And the crack about the OPA and advertising didn't sit well with me either.
I've recently exchanged a volley of e-mails with Steve Adkins and have come to the conclusion that my remarks regarding the OPA and possible kickbacks from casinos are over the top, unnecessary, and inflammatory. Steve has assured me that the OPA would never do such a thing...and if there is one thing that is for certain about Steve Adkins...he's up-front about everything.

I'm not making this retractment because Steve blasted me in a public forum, or in an effort to get OPA to re-open my complaint against Casino Extreme. I merely want to be clear about their operation and not make any insinuations that they are possibly in the pockets of Casino Extreme.

In the end the real point of my initial post is that I'm still out $1900 at Casino Extreme...with no acceptable explanation of where my money is.

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