Is Bingo Good for a Child?

Children and Bingo

Well, while the OP may have been banned, it`is an interesting question.

I remember back in school playing bingo in class the odd time, and the bingo game I received as a child is still in the basement of my childhood home. Bingo teaches number recognition, and hopefully, the ability to be both a good winner and loser. And that chance is just that, chance.

The bingo hall where I played for years had a free `back to school` bingo every year where in two sessions (one for the little ones, early evening for the bigger kids) you could bring your children to play for school supplies. My daughter looked forward to it every year, and it was a great chance for the (largely) moms to meet other players children, the ones we were trying to have some time away from at Bingo, but always talked about. It`s nice for kids to meet their parent`s friends too.

There are ``free`` bingo sites that perhaps children are playing at, just as there are porn sites that children are viewing. Doesn`t take much to click a button that says ``I am 18 plus``
bingo as a learning tool

It must be very disconcerting to find as an adult that bingo is not the simple game of chance that was offered in school as a cognitive learning device.

No hall managers calling " final word", no software that can be "adjusted",no complicated rules or complex patterns, no playthrough, and no being able to buy more cards to have a bettter chance.
Perhaps the only thing that has not really changed is the "teachers pet" that seems to win an awful lot.:rolleyes:
My grandmother was a bingo player, as was my mom. We couldnt wait till we were old enough to go play. I have played for 36 years, so far no criminal history. Graduated highschool and college. Own my home and pay bills on time. Bingo is a great entertainment and pass time for me. There is always those with gambling problems and should not be discredited but for me just a pastime I have always enjoyed and will for many many years. PS my daughter plays, my son has no patients to sit and play lol.
As crazy as it sounds, Bingo helped me grow up, socially. I was always talking to people older than me, and today I have great interpersonal skills. I wouldn't trade anything for the time I got to spend with my Grandmother time after time at Bingo, she was a great woman and we had very special memories playing... so no, I don't think Bingo is bad for a child.

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